Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to avoid having sex

I reviewed How to Avoid Having Sex, in exchange for review from LibraryThing's Early Reviewers Program. The book was written by E.C. Stilson. I received my copy earlier today and finished it about 10 minutes ago (8:14 pm now). I selected the book from the March selections because A) I am celibate and needed a good laugh B) I used to be married and had my own excuses for not having sex. Some of my excuses was in the book. A few days ago, I was looking on Amazon for books on celibacy and abstinence. Stilson's book popped up in the search. I added the book to my wish list. Then, a few minutes later, I got the email from LT, saying I won the book. Yay me. I was patiently awaiting the book's arrival in my inbox. I got the book today and started reading it.

This was an amazing quick read. The book is about excuses, to avoid having sex with your spouse. Some of them worked. Some of them backfired on her, when the husband tried them too. Some of them included headaches, cycles, dead animals, company, and the kids may hear us. The author, not only provided excuses, but the stories behind the excuses. The book was hilarious. The book is available on Kindle  (.99) and paperback (8.99) on Amazon.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bathsheba bathed in Grace

I read Bathsheba, bathed in grace: how eight scandalous women changed the world, in exchange for review from BookSneeze. The book was written by Carol Cook and Published by Westbow Press

I chose the book because I loved the cover and the description. I wanted to learn more about Bathsheba and the other 7 scandalous women. I heard about all of them, except Tamar before. I also liked how the book was written from a women's point of view. The book discussed the husbands, but did not focus on David (Bathsheba), Isaac (Rebekah), Abraham (Sarah), Adam (Eve), Jacob (Leah and Rachel), Onan (Tamar).

The book told the stories of Eve, Tamar, Hagar, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Sarah, and Bathsheba. It is part ficitionalized and part based on the bible. The stories came to life. I really enjoyed this book, starting with Bathsheba.I am not a bible scholar. I have to start at the table of contents to find a chapter in church because I have no idea where each book is located, except Genesis, Exodus, Revelation, Psalms, and Proverbs. I knew David watched Bathsheba bath from his window. I also knew he orchestrated the death of Uriah, her husband. I did not know she had a miscarriage. That touched me deeply because I know how that lost feels. The lost, the guilt, the hurt. The story had voyeurism (he watched her from the window), adultery, murder, miscarriage, marriage, guilt, grief, pain. After reading Bathsheba's story, I wanted more. I read the stories of Sarah (Sarai), Rebekah, Rachel, and Hagar next (not in that order). I learned more about their lives than I read in the bible (which is sad, I know), but at the end of each story, Carol lists the bible chapters and verses, to read the full story about these amazing women.

Tamar had survived two dead husbands (the sons of Judah), one of which defiled the marriage bed. She was also promised another husband from the house of Judah, once he was old enough.  Sarah laughed at God. Rebekah and her son helped deceive Isaac. Eve hid from and lied to God. Leah and Rachel were both promised to Jacob. He wanted Rachel, but received Leah at first. Had to work another seven years for Rachel. Leah was also the most fertile. 

The book is available in kindle, hardback, and paperback. 

I review for BookSneeze®

Friday, March 29, 2013

Freedom from Worry

I read Freedom from Worry, in exchange for review from The book was written by Patricia Wilson and published by Upper Room Ministries. 

I started the book a few weeks ago. Read the first section. Then, realized I needed a bible. I have the bible on Kindle and on the Kindle Cloud. Kindle had issues and so did the cloud. Did not occur to me to pull up a bible online (dummy).

I chose the book because I do worry a lot. I worry about the kids. I worry about school. I worry for the sake of worrying.

The book is a 28-day bible study on worry. Will be great for small-group bible study or Sunday school. Definitely thinking of getting the paperback or kindle edition.

The book is simple to read and easy to understand. Each chapter is also two pages. The book teaches us about giving our worries to God. This brings peace and freedom versus bondage and slavery.

The book has a good introduction. The first section hit me on the head: Are you already worrying you won't make it through the book? Each section has a reading section, reflection, prayer, and mediation. If you have the paperback, you have a place to write your prayer.

I also downloaded another ARC (advanced reader copy) from Netgalley. I been skimming through the book and  I like it, but it is time to put like to action. I need to give a lot of my worries to God.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Blessed Church by Robert Morris

I read the Blessed Church, in exchange for review from Blogging for Books. The book was written by Robert Morris and published by Waterbrook Press. I have heard of Robert Morris's church before, concerning their programs and conventions, but never read a book by him before. I also know Pastor Morris is a pastor in Texas.

About the Author (copied from Amazon)

Robert Morris is the founding senior pastor of Gateway Church, a multicampus, evangelistic, Spirit-empowered church in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. Since it began in 2000, the church has grown to more than twenty-four thousand active members. He is featured on the weekly television program The Blessed Life, broadcast to approximately ninety million homes in the United States and more than two hundred countries around the world.

Robert holds a doctorate of literature and serves as chairman of the board of The King’s University. He is the best-selling author of nearly a dozen books, including The Blessed Life, From Dream to Destiny, The Power of Your Words, and The God I Never Knew. Robert and his wife, Debbie, have been married more than thirty years and are blessed with one married daughter, two married sons, and grandchildren.

Why I chose the book:
I seen the book before on a few websites, but was not sure whether or not to buy it. I wasn't sure if the book was for me, a regular, church-goer, with no ministry--yet. I don't even know what my ministry is yet. I have done administration for a church before, but felt used at times.

For example, I worked on a church program for a revival for two weeks. I did this project on my own--at home--using my printer, ink, and paper, while tired from working Third Shift. On the day of the revival, there was a last minute change, concerning the guest speaker line-up. They wanted me to reprint all the programs over again with the new speakers name, without appreciation for the work I already done. I told them, they can scratch out the old name and write-in the new name because I worked too hard on this project. I also did the project out of the goodness of my heart. I don't have the time or patience or paper or ink to reprint based on one name change. It ended up being multiple name changes. None of the original guest speakers showed up. When I got to the one service, I could attend, the secretary did her own programs, filled with spelling errors, which made me more upset. I ended up leaving the church--after a few incidents, which had me questioning the administration. but I digress------------

The book talks about how we--no matter how role in the church--should want church growth. Growth does not mean numbers only--but reaching people and bringing them to Christ. Numbers don't mean anything if members are not growing in the Lord. The church will be growing exponentially, but will have a immature congregation, instead of having the members grow more mature in the Lord.

The book starts out with the story of Gateway Church and how the church grew. People wanted to know the secret to the church's growth. They wanted the how, but not the why--the purpose behind it. The author even stated how he wasn't sure whether or not to write the book because he didn't want to brag about the church's accomplishments. Great sign of humility. I also loved how Pastor Morris chose the name of the church. I also liked how he wanted the church to align with God's vision, instead of his vision. He sought out Godly counsel through other pastors, his wife, and of course God. Many people were confirming God's vision for the church.

Next, throughout the book, Pastor Morris provided keys to a blessed church such as don't succumb to disappointment. Things will happen. During disappointment, still seek out God and Godly counsel. Chapter four discusses how it is ok to have a vision for the church, in addition to wanting church growth. Other topics in the book include leadership, ministry, relationships (with staff), and church culture. Loved reading this book

The Writer's Platform

I read the Writers Platform by Austin Briggs. I won the book through a Librarything giveaway. I chose the book because I am a writer (short stories and poetry) and have low sales. I do not have a marketing plan to increase sales. I have no idea how to increase sales. I was glad when I got notified, I won a copy of the book.

The book discussed building a good writer's platform within 30 days, using social media only. I don't have to buy multiple copies of my print books. I don't have to start doing public speaking (not feeling that). I am not buying a review (those should be free). The process is not easy--it will require work. The book does not discuss illegal or shady ways to increase sales--loved reading that page of the book. I have seen so many websites, got plenty of emails, and seen books--where you attempt to earn a quick buck by spending hundreds and hundreds of your own money. I am a broke writer. I write for fun, but there is nothing like a sale. I already feel like the odds are against me because I am not a novelist. Takes more work to sell poetry and short stories, than a novelist. I have a blog, facebook fan page, pinterest, twitter, and google plus. I am in writing groups, writer's books, and promotion-based groups on facebook, library thing, and book blogs.

I been skimming through the book for about two weeks--to see if the information is worth taking an in-depth look at--and it is. The author focuses on techniques to improve your brand, pricing, and blogging. The books need to be the right price. The authors also need to watch what they say online, which can affect sales. If you are negative, then people may not buy your book. Briggs also discusses developing a website and a blog. All of this does not start without defining goals first. What do you expect from writing this book? What kind of income do you want? How many people do you need to buy your book, based on income?

There is also a great chapter on social media. Facebook and twitter are a must for writers. There is also Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest. Every follower is a potential buyer or promoter of your brand. We, as writers, need to update posts on a regular basis. We also need to develop goals for social media as well. Another note: Do not just post "buy my book" only because it gets boring and redundant. Post humor, opinions, and other content as well. You also can use facebook ads to attract new followers to your pages. Social media also allows networking with publishers, editors, and other writers.

Finally, the book discusses finding a good editor; formatting the book; choosing the right format for the book; guest posting; blog tours (which I have done for other authors); cross promotions; author associations; book bonuses; and review exchanges (i review your book and you review my book). The book also has a 90 day calendar to increase the book's and the author's brand. Each day is laid out with tips and techniques.

The book was simple to read, not too complicated. Not a lot of big words, you need a dictionary for.  I liked it. definitely will work on developing goals and start using the book to improve my brand.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Physical therapy 3/25/2013

kalen during pt today

Cast of Stones

I read Cast of Stones, in exchange for review from Bethany House. I downloaded the kindle version, as well as the ascm file. The book was written by Patrick W. Carr and published by Bethany House Publishing.

The book is part adventure, part fantasy, part action, part excitement. The book is also Christian-based. The book is set in medieval times. The book started off with Errol wanting a little food to eat, in exchange for work. He is also an alcoholic. A messenger arrives to town, needing to deliver a message to the priest, Pater Martin, before nightfall. To get to the priest, he must cross the gorge, which will not get him back to his next destination before night fall. Errol volunteered to deliver the message--in exchange for payment (half now, half later).

I could not get into the book at first. I was reading it on the Kindle and my mind was not in reading mode at the time. Then, I tried having the book read to me. Nothing yet. When I got home, I loaded up the book on the PC and I loved it. The first few scenes, especially when Errol has to cross the gorge to deliver the mail to Pater Martin, while being chased by an assassin. Errol starts off on a quest to the gorge, but ends up discovering God in the process.

The book is available in paperback and kindle edition.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Out of sight, Out of mind

My niece said something profound, even though it was unintentional. She said she wanted to watch a video again, to get it out of her head. She wanted to watch something over to stop thinking about it, instead of watching something different. It will stay in her head more.

How many times in life, we thought we could solve a problem by doing the same actions, we took, to have the problem in the first place?

When I had my miscarriage in 2009, My sex drive went from super high to hardly any. Probably stemmed from a combination of factors. I thought I could increase my sex drive (back to normal) by having more sex, but with fewer guys. I am going to solve a problem by creating more problems. I am going to get my sex drive back by having more sex. a band-aid, instead of focusing on why my drive decreased. It did not work. I still had a low sex drive. On some days now, I don't have any, completely at zero. Having more sex, even with fewer guys, did not solve the problem. I felt worse. It felt like I did when I started having sex--sex is yucky. sex is disgusting. Even though the men, were mostly repeats, familiar faces, familiar penises--my feelings for sex had changed. Couldn't get into sex mentally or physically anymore. Still did not stop me from having sex until the next year, when I moved to Texas.

She wanted to get the video out of her head by watching the video again. I wanted to have my normal sex drive back by having sex over and over again. Nothing was solved. My niece, on the other hand, is downstairs right now, watching that Harlem shake video, over and over again

Out of sight, out of mind

Stacie D. Wyatt

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ecology Book Review

I read The Ecology Book, in exchange for review from New Leaf Publishing Group. The book was written by Tom Hennigan and Jennifer Lightner. The book was published by Master Books.

I liked how the book is divided into levels, based by grade and reading level.  Each level is denoted by a different, colored background. Level 1 is on a white background. Level 2 is on a green background. Level three is on a blue background. Level one grade level is 5th to 6th. Level two's grade level is 7th and 8th. Level three's grade level is 9th to 11th.

The book is also Christian-based.

Why I chose the book:

I chose the book because I am homeschooling my son. I can incorporate the book into his science curriculum. I also like how the book is Christian-based. I have reviewed another curriculum book from New Leaf and was pleased with the results. The book was simple to read and easy to use. I also liked how the book started off with discussing the trinity of God. It is a good thing to start off with God in anything we do. The book also has Christian-based quotes and bible verses throughout the book. Each section starts off with 5 questions: Who, What, Where, Why, and  How. Each section also has words to know--a few vocabulary words for the students to learn more about. I also then followed the Level 1 sections to learn and teach from. My son is special needs. I did read the other levels because I am on a higher reading level. I loved the book .  I also loved the graphics in the book. The graphics was bright and colorful. The pictures showed different plants and animals in various environments. 

Second, I liked how the book discussed ecology and the environment. From animal families to ecologists to keeping the planet clean. The book also discussed the relationships between predator and prey. Other topics included ecosystems, energy, the food chain, lichens, fungus, water conservation, bacteria, and microbes. 

Next, I loved the building memories section in Chapter 2. The section discussed hearing the darkness. I (and the kids) should listen for animals in the dark. Darkness does not mean death. You have owls, hooting; bats, flying, and other nocturnal animals, living, breathing, being connected to us. The animals have relationships. They eat, drink, sleep, and so do humans. 

Each section was short and to the point. The words were simple to comprehend. Each section also ties to God and his wonderful creations. 

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon for 16.99

Sexual Feelings in the air

Sexual feelings in the air-------sexual feelings--in the air

I think it is hook up season. Time for dating. Time for sex. Time for new adventures. I been getting hit up on POF and Badoo, with more incompatible people, than ever before. Some of these men are willing to ignore my disclaimers and settle for less.

My disclaimers:

1. I have herpes since October 2004
2. I am celibate. I have no interest in having sex at this moment. I have a low sex drive.
3. I am fixed. I have two kids. I do not desire more.

and trying to explain all three is hard, hard work, especially the celibate part. Why you not having sex? When you plan on starting back? Can you wait for me to be the first? Can I just lick the coo? Can I just suck the breasts?

NO NO AND HELL NO. If I have sex with some random dude, what is going to stop me from having sex with another random dude and so forth and so on? What is going to stop my addiction from coming back?

Nothing irritates me more than some man, trying to get booty, when I have little to no interest. Starting to think men don't read profiles.

I am not interested in dating right now. I don't want sex. I don't want a relationship. I am not mentally ready. I am trying to work on having more balance in my life--not cause any more problems. I know I want companionship, but that requires stepping outside my comfort zone--and I am not ready for that either.

On another note: Brad's puberty is getting on my nerves. I need more male support in this area. I posted an ad on craigslist for advice from special needs fathers. Some advice was actually helpful. and the rest--wish i could report some folks. Some grown--ass men actually suggested I teach my son about sex and puberty by

  1. Watching porn with my son (HELL NO)
  2. Masturbating my son to help him get a release (HELL NO)
  3. Buying him sex toys, such as dildos (HELL NO)
  4. Finding him a sex partner (HELL NO)
  5. Having sex with my son (HELL NO HELL NO HELL NO). 
One dude, even sent a pic of his package. Another dude, stated that CL is for sex only. All ads lead to sex, even the jobs. Even though, I posted in a non-sex section, I should expect dudes will want sex. If I wanted sex, I know where to post. I also know who to call and Im not calling anyone on CL. I don't think any of these men, had kids, let alone special needs kids. No good father in his right mind, would suggest touching a child inappropriately, especially when they are special needs. That may cause additional mental damage to my son, and who knows how God will punish me for my sins. Children should be protected and loved, not harmed. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Altar Ego

I read Altar Ego, in exchange for review from BookSneeze. The book was written by Craig Groeschel and published by Zondervan.

I got the book a few days ago, in print format. The book discusses finding your Godly identity. People have identities, based on own and others' perceptions, but that's not what God called us to be. The book teaches us how to put on the Altar our false identities and selfish motives (p. 9). The book teaches us to live for God versus living for people. WE do not have to be defined by our past. Page 11 says I am who God says I am. God will give us a new name and a renewed purpose. God will give us freedom, grace, love, and a future. We have to change our thinking. Cast away lies, insecurities,  and outdated perceptions. It won't be easy, but nothing is impossible through Jesus. 

Other highlights:

  • God's power is bigger than your past
  • No habit is too big for God
  • What's true now don't have to be true later. 
  • To learn who i am, i've had to learn who i am not. you are not what others think about you. you are not your past. you are not what you did. you are who God says you are.
  • God will take one of your greatest weaknesses and turn it into one of your greatest strengths. Definitely can see how this applies to me. went from sex addict to celibate. from horrible mama to semi-decent mother
  • If you ever felt like a failure as a mom, seek the God of all and own it when he calls you great and Godly Mom.
How I chose this book:

I review for BookSneeze®I got an email from Booksneeze about upcoming releases. I was not done with the last book and review. As soon as I read the description of Altar Ego, I wanted this book immediately. I quickly finished the other book, wrote the review, and requested Altar Ego. The description talked about finding our identities in the Lord, versus being identified by self and others. I am working on reading more books, which can help me grow in the Lord, versus fiction. I love a good fiction book, but that was not what I needed (or need) right now. I need God. I have a past. God can help me heal past my past. The book was wonderful. Definitely Glad this is a hardback because I can write in it. I have highlighted passages and my labels (my own and others). Some labels included: selfish, antisocial, cheap, honest, reliable, bitch, not likeable, insecure, anal, dummy, smart, promiscuous. Some of these labels do not define me any more, but people still see me as the old me, versus the new me. I was a sex addict. I am now celibate. Some people still see me as the promiscuous one. Don't understand how I went from a lot of sex to no sex. My journey was not for them, but for me to grow. I think as you grow and change, you have to let things and people go. Not everyone can travel with you, as you progress through life. 

I loved reading this book. I am used to reviewing e-books, so I was taking notes, as I went along. Then something hit me, this is my book--my paperback book-I can mark, highlight, and write notes in the book. The book is excellent. I read over 50 pages since I got the book. Definitely what I am needing right now. 


It is hook-up season, I thinks. People want a relationship. Want a boyfriend, girlfriend, or old-fashioned booty buddy. People don't want to be alone. but, I have noticed a trend. Some people want to date anyone, despite compatibility issues. It's just not the little things, but the big things. Little things like, they like mayo and you like mustard. Things, that flash a pointed sign above your head "DO NOT DATE HER (or him)."

  1. They want biological kids. You are fixed. You have enough kids. The thought of having another frightens the hell out of you. I do not want to be a regret later. 
  2. They want sex. I rather chop off an leg and feed it to the kids. They didn't read the part where I said I am celibate. They want to send pics of the penis and think it will change my mind. 
  3. They want a relationship--where I stated clearly--not interested. They are persistent in their dealings, but it annoys the hell out of me. Develop a friendship first. 
  4. They forgot to read the I have herpes disclaimer--which I don't know how they missed--It is near the I am celibate and fixed disclaimer :-)
  5. They believe in anything but God. I am trying to learn more and develop a relationship with my father, creator, Lord, and savior. 
Stop settling for potential relationships, which has a high chance of failure at the beginning. You can't make someone want to be with you. You can't change anyone. Stop ignoring the big things and thinking a relationship will still work. I ignored the big things when I was younger, stupider, and naive. I got married at 19. Plenty of red flags and I chose to ignore them, even though they bothered me big time. Save the time, pain, BS, and tear-stained tissues and find someone, who will like, love, and be with you. Someone, who is God-sent, ordained, and compatible. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rainy The Raindrop

I read Randy The Raindrop, in exchange for honest review. The author was looking for reviews on Bookblogs and I received a printed, paperback copy. The book was written by Patty Wiese and illustrated by Kim Sponaugle.

First, I loved the graphics. The graphics were colorful, bright, and pretty.

Next, the book talked about Randy, the Raindrop. Randy talks about the sizes of rain drops--sometimes they are big--sometimes they are small. Randy also can show up anywhere--in the backyard, base ball field, puddles, cars, and on the ground. and when the rain is gone, Randy can be found in the sky. Randy also travels around the world.

At the end of the book: Patty has the lyrics and music to the Im a little raindrop song. The author also provides rain facts. The kids really enjoyed this book.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Muddled up Farm

I read the Muddled Up Farm, in exchange for review from Netgalley.Com. The book was published by Starbright books. The book was written by Mike Dumbleton and illustrated by Jobi Murphy. The book is a children's story about a farm, whose animals speak the wrong words. Along comes an inspector, who tries to correct the animals speak. The book reminds me of my boys. Both have problems with language. Brad even has his own language for some words. I know what his words mean, but to an outsider, they will think something is wrong. The book is good and Funny and I highly recommend the book.

Babies on the Go by Debby Slier

I read Babies on the Go by Debby Slier to my kids, in exchange for review from The book was published by Star Bright books. The book was a quick read.

I did run into one problem though with Adobe Digital Editions. The book had no pictures, just words with a border at the bottom. I also tried opening up the book with Reader for Pc and the pictures showed up. I loved the colorful, real pictures of the babies. I read the book to my sons and they loved the babies as well.

The book will not be published until March, 2013.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Powerful prayers of gratitude

I read powerful prayers of gratitude, in exchange for an honest review. The book was written by Glenn Langohr and published by Sanctified Publishing. The book was gifted to me by the author. I responded to a BookBlogs post, with the author looking for reviews. 

The book starts out well: in prayer. What better way than to start out a prayer book with prayer?

The power of prayer changes things dramatically. We need prayer. We need to be humble in prayer. We need a submissive attitude, instead of an attitude of superiority. Glenn also discussed how we always do not know what to pray for. Yesterday in Church, the pastor said to pray, but I was not sure what to pray for specifically. I know what I need and want, but I want to make sure I am praying for the right things with the right words. I definitely don't want to use the wrong words and get the wrong thing.The Holy Spirit prays for us when we don't know the words to use. We also can seek the bible for understanding. All we have to do is try and the Lord will do the rest---was a great statement in the book. We need to put forth the effort and allow God to be God. God understands our thoughts. He knows what we are going through. Our prayers may not always be perfect, but God can guide us in the right direction. 

The book is a good read. It is easy to read. The material is presented with short, easy to read passages, versus long, lengthy passages. Glenn teaches us about the power of prayer. Prayer can heal. Prayer can strengthen our relationship with God. Prayer can be anytime, anywhere, any position (on your knees, prayer closet, driving in your car, standing up, etc etc etc). Developing a stronger prayer life helps us develop a stronger relationship with the Father. 

The book also presents prayers for certain topics like Forgiveness, Grace, Strength, Patience, Protection, and Hope. The topics also have biblical verses for reference. 

If I knew then, what I knew now

I read, If I knew then, What I knew now, in exchange for review from BookSneeze. The book was written by Ruby Hillsman and Published by Westbow Press. 

I chose this book because I have made mistakes in the past and have learned how to move past them and definitely how not to make them again. If I knew the future consequences of my actions, I would have done things differently.

Lyfe Jennings has a song by the same name: If I knew then, what I knew now.
I review for BookSneeze®
"If I knew then what I know now, I'd be different, I would slow downI would not be running around, if I knew then what I know now
If I knew then what I know now, I'd be different, I would slow down
As the world spins round and around, wish I knew then what I know now
I did it to myself, blamed nobody else"

I can learn from my own mistakes. I also can learn what to do and what not to do, from watching others. 
What I learned from the book:
People have access to more information--via the internet, smart phones, and other techie gadgets, yet we still make the same mistakes over and over and over again. Some people do not learn from their mistakes until it is too late or not at all. The author talks about how we need to "wake up" and reevaluate our lives. We need to think, reason, and learn. We don't always need to take the easy path in life. We need to learn from others success and failures. We need to improve for the better, not remain stagnant or keep falling behind. The world is changing, but some people are content to remain the same or indifferent, or content. Some people do not want to change, no matter how many mistakes they are making or have made. I definitely have a lot of regrets from my past, but I can not change the past. I can change how my past affects my present and future. I can not blame others. I am responsible for the stupid things (and the good things) I have done. 

I wish I had not rushed into my first relationship and marriageI wish I had not had sex with that many menI wish I was not afraid to tell people I had herpes in the beginning. I needed support. I wish I had not told him that, but I learned to get over multiple addictions once, I did (so I guess that is a good thing). I wish I never took out my first pay day loan. I wish I went celibate sooner. 
Many of these regrets don't even matter now. I learned from them. I grew from them. I healed from some of them. It helps me appreciate where I am now, more. I also know what to do if temptation arises. I know what situations I do not want to be a part of. 

The author provides 12 chapters in the book. The introduction is amazing. Each chapter provides a series of stories, with a list of lessons learned at the end. The stories start at age 5 to  9 years old and continues in chronological order. The author learned about responsibility and having a positive attitude at an early age. Her grandmother taught her the value of hard work, in addition to the ups and downs of being a single parent. She also learned about the power of prayer, in addition to the value of slowing down. . The book is an excellent read. Definitely enjoying the lessons and how to apply the lessons to my life. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn

I read the Gospel of Yes, in exchange for review from Blogging for Books. The book was written by Mike Glenn. The book was published by WaterBrook Press. The book discussed saying Yes to God's plans for your life, no matter what they may be. We have to live according to God's will, instead of our will. It is not an easy task, but it builds up our heavenly rewards, and not just our earthly rewards. 

The first part of the book discusses how Mike had to deal with infidelity in the church. A church minister had an affair, which devastated the whole church. Mike had to rebuild the church, but was not sure how the church will recover. He blamed God, but God gave him an answer: be yourself and let the church be itself. He learned that while he was helping others fulfill their godly purpose, he never thought about figuring out who he was. What was his godly purpose for his life?
I struggle with that question as well: What is God's purpose for my life? What is my ministry in the church. I have been going to my church for almost a year and still do not have a ministry. I love administration. I love helping folks. I already volunteered for vacation bible school, the carnival, and the halloween fest. I helped register people and provided directions. I think I ran a station at the carnival but that job was not for me. Got bored easily and it was either a two or four hour job. I don't think I am fit for an usher, greeter, or children's ministry. 

Glenn also discussed how some people equate being miserable to Christianity. They can not accept happiness when things are going too good. They live for the bad times because it tests their faith in God more. God is there for the good and the bad. People need to enjoy their lives now. Live their purpose now. You can't live for God, if you are dead (Pastor Mike discussed this in the vision for the church today. Love my pastor). 

God wants to provide guidance and direction for your life. God wants us to use our Godly Gifts. We all have special gifts. No one has every gift, which allows us to work together for the Kingdom, versus trying to do things alone. He wants us to enjoy living for him and fulfilling our purpose. Glenn discusses how living the gospel of yes does not limit us, but frees us to become who God wants us to be. It is ok to say no and let someone, who is better skilled, handle the job. 

Another part of the book, Iiked was Mike discussing how the churches, he grew up in, told him what not to do. No cussing, drinking, and smoking for example. He said we can't define our lives by what we oppose--it causes frustration and bitterness (and a lot of stress. i been there and still going through it). We can't attack the opposition always, but we can move towards the cross and live for God. Move towards life and away from death. Glenn discusses how we need to win people for Christ, instead of forcing them into Christianity. 

Other highlights from the book:
  1. Live life with integrity. Yes means yes and no means no. If you cant do something, don't agree to do it. 
  2. Saying yes to God  gives your life meaning and order. 
  3. Paul discussed how Living for Christ is a yes. Everything else is disposable and a no
  4. Fear and anger temporarily motivate people. Yet God's kingdom is eternal. 

Great quote:  "What makes life increasingly difficult is to know what your are against, without knowing what you are for" Being against something does not mean you are moving towards something positive. The book gave an example of being against divorce, yet you are not for marriage. Being against poverty does not mean you are helping the poor--another great example. I guess Mike is saying how we need to put action into our beliefs. We have to live for something--and that something needs to be God. It's like in a Sponge Bob episode I saw--where the sponge and the star wanted to Live like Larry. They wanted to emulate Larry the Lobster's life. Do what he did. Live in the moment, no matter the cost. We need to do the same for God. We need to live like God. Be like Christ. Live in the moment, fulfilling our purpose, no matter the cost. We need to say YES to God (and then do it. Put action to the words. Be committed, energized, happy, living for God).

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Men, dont pee straight by Rick Dean

I read Men, don't pee straight: and other things, you should know about us, in exchange for honest review. The book was written by Rick Dean.

I got the book in the mail last week.  I read it the same night, within about 5 minutes. The book was a hilarious, stereotypical, satire, look at men. The graphics was excellent as well.

The title page was the first glance at how funny the book was: Men, don't pee straight and other things you should know about us. so you can write it down and keep track, although, since you never forget anything, there's probably no need to write it down. but it still might be useful when explaining stuff to us that really bugs you (and we're really good to help in any way possible).  Next, the book has relevant quotes by relevant people. Third, each section starts with a title, a very hilarious title, with some information women need to know about men. On the opposite page, there is a log, with a space to write the date. There is also a checklist to check off what your man did wrong for that day lol.

For example: The first section was called Men, don't know what Mauve is. It discusses how men sees things as simple. It also lists things, men will never notice. Then, in the checklist,

He didn't notice:
-my new hair style
-the new curtains
-the new living room set

Each page has four logs for a woman to fill in. The book is 42 pages of a great laugh and a great read.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My mother's wars by Lilian Faderman

I read My Mother's Wars in exchange for review on The book was written by Lillian Faderman and published by Beacon Press.

The book provides an account of Mary, who moved from Latvia to New York for better opportunities. Mary experienced life through relationships and abortions. She finally fell in love with Faderman's father

Faderman and her mother had an excellent relationship. Her mother shared her experiences with her.

Faderman's mother got kicked out of home at 17 years old by her half-sister and brother-in-law. Her mother had training to be a seamstress but Mereleh wanted more. She wanted to dance in America. She came to the U.S. at a young age, doing chores to help out, but didn't feel completely comfortable around her half sis and her husband. She continued to learn English, while working at a factory (and that's a summary of the preface and first 14 or so pages lol (not sure of the actual page numbers). Mary finally made friends with Goldie and experienced America as more than home and work. Mary wanted to live. I have felt like Mary at times. Sometimes if you want to  have growth, you have to leave the comforts and security of home. The experience may not always be good but it teaches you valuable life lessons.  This was a good book to skim through. I liked it very much.

Fed up with Flat Faith by Kathy Howard

I read Fed up with Flat Faith by Kathy Howard, in exchange for review from The book was published by Wharton Press. The book discussed dead, flat spirituality, instead of a passion for a relationship with God. People need to turn to God first with problems, concerns, everything, instead of turning to others or self. Turning to anything but God can lead to disappointment and frustration

The book also provides examples of women, living in Bible times, who lacked faith. For example, Sarah laughed at God, when he said she would be a mother. Martha focused on serving God, instead of being near him. The book also discusses symptoms of flat faith and how to revive the spark in your life. Prayer works wonders.

Other highlights from the book:

1. flat faith hinders our purpose in life
2. we dont have to settle for flat faith

I highly recommend this book. I loved reading the book.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Power in the Blood

I read Power in the Blood, in exchange for honest review from Bethany House.

Power in the Blood

I read Power in the Blood, in exchange for review from Bethany House. The book was written by Sandie Freed and Bill Harmon. The book was also published  by Baker Publishing Group. The book discusses how God's power correlates with our inheritance. The blood also defines our relationship with Christ. We have freedom and power within the blood. We also have breakthroughs and victories within the blood. 

Next, the blood gives us fresh strategies to face battles. Freed stated how we can't fight today's battles with yesterday's victories. Each day has new problems, and challenges for us to solve. We need new, fresh blood to handle the challenges. We also need to understand God's glory. God's glory will allow us to fulfill desires and live our dreams. 

Finally, we need to learn to let go of the past to move forward (which is hard.). We also need cleansing from impure thoughts, sins, and iniquities. The book discussed Isaiah, who needed direction from the Lord. Isaiah had to move past the past; visit the Lord and witness the Lord's glory; in addition to cleansing himself from impure thoughts, sins, and iniquities. Then the Lord gave Isaiah direction to defeat the forces of Satan, which required King Uzzaiah to die before the prophet can experience the fullness of God. He had to go through a new season to get new blessings. The king represented death, while the Lord's plans represented light, a new season, a new harvest. The same things apply in life, some things we have to let die before we can move forward. How many times have God told us to let go of something and we did not want to listen? Once we let go, we experienced freedom and release. We felt our burdens lifted.

For me, I had to let go of sex. I was very promiscous (and addicted to sex). God told me before to let sex die. I had to give up sex, give up porn, and a few other things. I did not listen right away. I had to go through some things, in order to finally listen.  Once I obeyed what God wanted, I felt a renewed sense of peace, a new sense of purpose. I still have problems, but I am no longer addicted to sex. I no longer watch porn. I still have a long ways to go mentally, but I am at more peace mentally. I installed parental controls for me versus the children. As of now, I been celibate for almost three years.  

Letting go is hard work. It takes dedication, persistence, prayer, will power, etc. We have to let certain things die, whatever it is to move forward. Once we let go, we can feel God empowering us, in addition to giving us authority. We also can use the experiences to help others, who are going through. What thing I do not like occurs when an individual gets mad at someone for doing the same thing they are doing. I had a friend (not anymore), who got mad at me for having sex with multiple parties, when he was doing the same thing. His reasoning was the women all knew each other. The women knew what they was getting into and agreed to share the same man separately and together. I thought he was being a hypocrite and ended the friendship. He couldn't help me move past my sex addiction. He did not offer Godly guidance. He offered condemnation, while partaking in similar activities. We both was very promiscious but mine was worse than his. A sin is a sin, no matter what sin. 

Overall, the book was a good book. To have spiritual growth, we must let old habits and ideas die. To move forward, we need to let go of the past. To move into a new season, we have to get past the old season. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

10 questions kids ask about sex

I read 10 questions, kids ask about sex, in exchange for review from Netgalley. The book was written by Bill and Pam Farrel. The Book was also published by Harvest House Publishers.

The book provides guidance on how to answer sex-related questions. Topics include sex, gender, and babies. The book is written from a biblical perspective, with bible verses given for each topic. The book encourages honest, positive, comprehensive communication.

The book also discusses how parents do not want to talk to kids about sensitive topics. Parents want to be liked and be cool. Parents need to pray, listen, and talk in a calm manner when having difficult conversations. Conversations should also be held in a mutual place.

The book is a good book, but the first part lost me at times. It discusses God and parenting, but I got a little confused. For example, it talked about Jesus being a hero and how parents should be Christ-centered, which is true, but I didn't see how it correlated to sex. I read the first pages a few times to gain understanding. The book also provided the definition of love and marriage. Overall, the book had good information, but some sections lacked flow.

The book also discussed sex statistics for students (abortions, rapes, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancies).

Parents are responsible for teaching kids sex education and teach them God's purpose for sex:

  1. (procreation (reproduction)
  2. recreation (emotionally, physically, spiritually)
  3. marriage
  4. rejuvenation (emotional and physical wellness). 
  5. proclamation (love and commitment). 

My Crocodile does not bite

I read my crocodile does not bite by Joe Kulka, in exchange for a honest review by The book was published by Learner and Carolrhoda Books. The book talked about a boy named Ernest and his pet Croc, Gustave. Ernies rival is a girl named Cindy Lou, who has a pet doggie named Fifi. The school is having a pet fair and all the kids are bringing their pets to school. Cindy Lou thinks her pet is superior. Cindy Lou does not like Ernest or his croc. She does not want the Croc to go to school. It also does not help the croc knows more tricks than Fifi. The book is a good read, with a surprise ending. My kids enjoyed reading this book.