Thursday, July 28, 2016

RocknLearn Science DVDs

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I received Rock n Learn Science DVDS in exchange for honest review. The DVDS are available in life science (first link), earth science, human body, and physical science. My kids have focused on the life science so far since it is what both was learning in school last.

 The life science DVD focuses on photosynthesis; parts of a plant; animal groups; the butterfly life cycle; , plants and animal cells; food chains and food webs; and genetic traits. The DVD is recommended for grades 3-8.

The videos are available in DVD format and Amazon video format for rent or buying.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pop Manga Coloring Book (Blogging for Books)

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I received Pop Manga Coloring Book, in exchange for honest review from Blogging for Books. The book was written by Camilla d'Errico. The designs in the book are intricate and works well with pencils or gel pens. I haven't tried my water color pencils yet. The book has butterflies, robots, people, doggies, and other mythical beings.

Great way to channel your creativity and relieve stress.

You can purchase the book using the link above. The book is prime-eligible.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

#GreenFrogBaby Luco Wooden Blocks

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. This post contains Amazon Affiiate Links/Images

I received #GreenFrogBaby Luco Wooden Blocks in exchange for honest review from Giveaway Service. I liked the wooden blocks because they was solid and durable. My kids can not break these. Another thing I liked was blocks are one of Kalen's IEP/ARD goals to improve fine motor skills.

I did have to help him connect the pieces together.  He also likes placing the blocks in the bag, dumping it out, and putting them back in the bag.

The kit comes with 65 (total) rectangular pieces, h shaped pieces (vertical and horizontal), and t shaped pieces, plus a carrying bag. The blocks also come in a colored version. The blocks are eco-friendly and unpainted. The blocks are made from rubber wood.

You can purchase the blocks on Amazon using the link above. The blocks are prime-eligible.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Black Amber Candles Review (Tomoson)

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I received Black Amber Candles in exchange for honest review. The candes come in a set of 24. The candles also fit well in my mini candle holder.

I liked the smell of the black amber. The candles helped calm me down and made the bedroom smell good. The candles have a cotton wick. The candles also contain hints of sandalwood.

You can purchase the candles on Amazon, using the link above. The candles are prme eligible.

Lavender Dry Oil Body Mist

I received the Lavender Dry Oil Body Mist, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The product was created by Wicks Studio.

I liked the dry oil body mist. After you bath or shower or just need a refreshening, you spray the body mist on you. The oil does absorb quick and dry quick. It leaves your body smelling better and a little bit softer. The oil also gives your body a glow.

You can also buy the body oil mists in the following scents:

  • Cucumber and Melon
  • Eucalyptus and Spearmint

You can purchase any of the three scents using the link above.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

If You was Me and Lived in Colonial America Book Review (Tomoson)

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I read If you were me and lived in colonial America, in exchange for honest review. The book was written by Carole P. Roman. The book was illustrated by Sarah Wright.

The book was a quick read about colonial lilfe in America. I liked the graphics in the book and the glossary of terms in the back. The back pages of the book also has influential people during the colonial period. The book discussed living conditions, relations with the Indians, and schooling.

You can purchase the book using the link above. The book comes in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback format.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Another Man's Treasure Book Blast (Write Now Literary Book Tours)

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About the Book:

Graphic artist Trinity Hargrove never knew real passion until she sleeps with her boss’s son. Mistake number one. Mistake number two…liking it too much. But they agreed toonly one night. Simple enough, right? Wrong.

He may be out of her bed, but their intense night together still burns in her memories. As long as she keeps her distance from the oh-so-desirable Xander Duval, everything will be okay.

Unfortunately, fate won’t go along with her plan. Restaurateur Xander Duval agrees to Trinity’s
“one night” stipulation, but only in theory. Hehas no intentions of not being with her again.

Especially when his mind—nor body—will allow him to forget the fire that blazed between them until the wee hours of the morning.

When Trinity is injured inan automobile accident, he jumps at the opportunity to be her arms and legs. He plans to show her just how determined he is to make her his…forever

Read a Preview

About the Author:

By day, Joy Avery works as a customer service assistant. By night, the North Carolina native travels to imaginary worlds—creating characters whosenromantic journeys invariably end happily ever after.

Since she was a young girl growing up in Garner, Joy knew she wanted to write. Stumbling onto romance novels, she discovered her passion for love stories; instantly, she knew these were the type stories she wanted

Real characters. Real journeys. Real good love is what you’ll find in a Joy Avery romance. Joy is married with one child. When not writing, she enjoys reading, cake decorating, pretending to expertly play the piano, driving her husband insane, and playing with her two dogs. 

Joy is a member of Romance Writers of America and Heart of Carolina Romance Writers.

Social Media

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Learning to Read DVD Set

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I received the Learn to Read DVD collection, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. I wanted the collection to help my kids learn new words plus help my great niece start her journey to school. She knows her ABCS but she doesn't know S is the first letter of her name. If you ask for the first letter, you get her age.

For my kids, we started with the sight words dvd before we touch any of the more complicated phonetics dvds. The DVDs will be more so for Kalen since he picks up on words and phrases quicker than Brad.

You can purchase the DVDS using the link above. The dvds are prime eligible

The More of Less Book Review (Blogging For Books)

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I read the More of Less by Joshua Becker, in exchange for honest review from Blogging for Books. I received a hardback book. The book is also available in Kndle, paperback, and cd format. The book is written from a Christian perspective.

I wanted to read the book because I have too much stuff crammed into my bedroom and part of the batthroom. I can't get things organized because of part time, part kids, part laziness, part frustration. I would like my chaos more manageable before I get my own place.

In the book, Becker teaches us how to live with less by getting rid of or selling things you have. My closet is probably the most organized thing in here, even though it can be cluttered. I had to turn a non walk in closet into some form of storage, so I squeezed in 3 vertical storage units and 1 horizontal storage unit, plus one small unit for things like feminine items, workout clothes, and cleaning pads for the swiffers (which I need to buy a new one or give the pads away).

When I first moved here, this room was a mess. I was up for days, organizing it so I can move my stuff in and other people's stuff out. My family gave me a room, but didn't bother cleaning their junk out. If I had known I was pregnant at the time, I would have not done all that heavy lifting.

Then along comes Kalen in 2011. Brad moved here a few months later. I started blogging. I had to stop requesting everything I wanted and focused more on what I had space for since last year. Of course, Brad gets diaper delivery. 60 pounds of box each month and I don't have room for all of his supplies. I take some out at a time, but then the kids open up everything and I have too much stuff flying around (because Brad throws his clean diapers). Since I get more than I need, I always have some left over from the previous month, and still have a major supply. I will give away the pads as needed since he doesn't need but 5-6 bags per month.

Next, the author discussed some of the benefits of minimizing your stuff such as less stress, more freedom, and less distraction. The author also discussed the differences between organizing and minimizing. Organizing is rearranging your stuff, while minimizing is getting rid of excess stuff.

But first, we need to decide why we are getting rid of our excess before we start to have a foundation first. I want to see my floor most of the time. I want the space to have for clothes without them taking over the room. I need a better system for storing Brad's adult diapers and bedding pads. You also can get rid of duplicates. How many towels or sheets or blankets do you really need? I have a few sets of sheets, and 3 comforters. I want enough to swap them out between washes. Do I need any more comforters, sheets, or pillows? no. I have enough.

I can give away things I don't need such as clothes and bedding pads. Right now, I have a little stack of Kalen's 12-24 month pants, I am packing up to give away. His legs are longer so he doesn't need those anymore. I am also getting rid of the kids leap tv. It was a birthday gift, but the game was too complicated for the kids. The leap got replaced with an inno tv, which is simpler to use. I just have to find the camera and I can pack everything up. I also can give away my canned good collection. Brad would come home with 1-2 bags of canned goods each week, but I didn't use it all and now I have a massive collection piled up under my bed. Someone else can use the veggies I don't want or the kids won't eat. Plus the can opener is always missing so it would be a good thing.

You can buy the book using the link above. The book is prime-eligible.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Being a Captain is Hard Work Review (Tomoson)

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I read Being a Captain is Hard Work by Carole P. Roman, in exchange for honest review. I received a paperback book. The book is about Captain No Beard, who was going on a trip with his crew. This is a children's crew and a children's book. The graphics are colorful and well done. The crew was heading to Dew Rite Volcano.

The books also discusses different types of clouds. The book also discusses how you should allow people to help you, especially during stormy times. You also should listen.

You can buy the book using the link above. the book comes in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Paperback format. The book is prime-eligible.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dream Sky Wall Clock Review (Tomoson)

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I received the Dream Sky Wall Clock, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The clock runs on 1 AA battery (not included). The clock was easy to adjust and started working right away. I could not figure out the hook though. The clock kept falling down.

I liked the look of the clock. It was nice to have a battery powered clock, I can hang out of the way from my kids.

You can purchase the clock using the link above. The clock is prime-eligible. The clock comes in blue and pink.

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Life We Never Expected Book Review (FlyBy Blog Promotions)

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by FlyBy Blog Promotions. This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I received The Life We Never Expected, in exchange for honest review. The book was written by Andrew and Rachel Wilson.

I don't remember requesting the book, but I was glad when it arrived. I have two special needs children. My oldest has autism, adhd, and creatine deficiency disorder. My youngest has

  • Autism
  • Sensory processing disorder
  • Creatine Deficiency Disorder
  • Global development delays
  • suspected long QT syndrome
  • Static Encephalopathy (breath holding spells, which can cause seizures.)
  • Sleep apnea (the Static and Sleep is why he has a heart monitor and pacemaker). 
  • X chromosome errors
Brad has regressed. He no longer says his name. If you ask him his name, instead of Brad, he says your name. His mental age dropped from 3-4 years to 0-6 months. Kalen functions at 24 months and has a mental age of 2-3 years. Kalen has progressed faster than Brad, thanks to God and early intervention. Kalen is more independent and wants to learn more things, while Brad requires more assistance and stagnant when it comes to learning new things. 

Even though my boys are special needs, I do drop the ball at times. I have wanderers. Brad walked outside in his diaper, while I was sleep, but rang the doorbell to get back in. Kalen had a recent issue with wandering.  I occassionally lose my temper. I am not the perfect mom. I do not have perfect kids, special needs or not. Nothing like getting a ball tossed at you or having to dodge a chair or table because a child is having a meltdown or a temper tantrum.  I had to take a knife or two away because someone else besides me forgot to put the sharp objects up high. We have knives hidden everywhere in this house except the kitchen. When people need one, it's a challenge to find one and then put it back up. This is definitely not the life I was expecting. I never wanted kids, let alone wanted to take care of a kid for the rest of their lives. 

I deal with constant obsessions with cheese (Kalen) and tv remotes ,even if the cable is not on (Brad). I deal with fear of water (Kalen) and screams because Brad likes to bath, but doesn't like soap or towels or loofahs, but both kids love bubbles. Brad also loves movies. I have bought multiple dvd players (which Brad broke) and lots of cheap movies. He loves men in black and a few elmo movies. I don't know which is worse: watching MIB over and over again (thank goodness, he wore out the DVD) or listening to people driving in cars videos on Youtube. 

The book provides stories from people, going through the same thing I am. The authors have childlren with regressive autism. The book provides bible verses and how to apply the verse to raising a special needs child.

I liked the chapter on the orange. The authors said what if you are at dinner and think you are about to receive a gift of a chocolate orange from a friend, but when you open it up, it's a real orange. Nothing is wrong with the orange, but it is not what you are expecting. Everyone else at the table has received chocolate oranges, so you feel a bit disappointed and let down. You may feel isolated and alone because others got something which you did not (I do have a lonely, isolated life).

I admit I do not want to change Brad's diapers for the rest of his life. I don't want to deal with broken windows and holes in the walls. I don't want to worry about what will trigger a breath holding spell or a seizure from Kalen. I definitely do not want to bath Brad when he older because he refuses to use soap, but I have to because that's my job.

You can purchase the book using the link above. The book comes in paperback and kindle format.

Unashamed Book Review (FlyBy Blog Promotions)

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by FlyBy Blog Promotions. This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I read Unashamed by Heather Davis Nelson, in exchange for honest review from FlyBy Blog Promotions.

About the Book:

Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame offers hope to those struggling under the burden of shame. This book shines the life-giving light of the gospel on the things that leave us feeling worthless and rejected, directing our attention to the God who promises to forgive and restore us—no matter what.

About the Author:

Heather Davis Nelson (MA, Westminster Theological Seminary) is a writer, counselor,and speaker. Heather writes regularly at and has been a featured writer at the Gospel Coalition, as well as a contributing author to the Journal of Biblical Counseling. She and her husband are parents to twin daughters and live in southeastern Virginia.

My Review:

We all have done things we are ashamed of such as something with parenting or something from a former relationship. The book teaches us how to be free from shame. The author said "shame is pent up and just waiting for an opportunity to say something, but someone has to be the first to talk." Shame can be embarrasment or feeling we don't meet the standards. Shame can make us feel insecure and worthless. The book also explains the difference between shame and guilt. The author then discusses different types of shame and how God can help you overcome shame. For example, chapter three discusses body shame, which is one of my issues. I developed early. I had periods of weight gain and weight loss. I struggle with the fact, I was a lot skinner before I had Kalen and don't feel happy with myself now. Not to mention every now and then, being inundated with messages from childhood, which said I was not skinny enough or not feminine enough. The author said Jesus wants to cover your shame with his honor (p. 57). Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion.. 

You can purchase the book using the link above. The book comes in kindle and paperback format. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wet N Wild Splashtown Review (USFG)

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by US Family Guide Bloggers Program. I received 4 tickets for participation. We also paid for one extra ticket.

When I was a kid, the family use to go to Splashtown, now called Wet N Wild Splashtown,  during the summer, usually on the 4th of July to see the fireworks. There was nothing like laying in the wavepool watching the lights in the sky. I also liked floating along the lazy river.

Times have changed and I went to experience the park with my kids, which is a challenge in itself, since both are not big fan of water.

The first thing I noticed was the lockers have changed. The old key and deposit system went away and replaced with a code system and no deposit. You have three sizes of lockers: small, large, and jumbo. I paid for a Jumbo, which was $20. The jumbo had lot of room for me and my kids backpacks. When paying, you choose a code for your locker. The receipt has your locker number on it. You go to the locker and enter your code on the keypad and open the locker. When you are ready to leave for the day, there is a red button under the keypad, which says end (or something like that).

I looked at the attractions online before  I went to see what was appropriate for my kids to play on. The best area was Wet n Wild Jr, a children's area. The water was 2 ft deep. It had climbing things, a mini slide, and a giant water bucket, which fills with water and dumps it out whenever.

Other kids areas include the Treehouse  and Blue Lagoon Activity Pool. The kids had fun playing in the water without my assistance. I did help Kalen and my great niece with the steps on the mini slide and helped them once they slid down, but other than that, the kids had fun playing in the water.