Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dating and the Single Parent by Ron L. Deal

Dating and the Single Parent Review by Ron L. Deal

I received this book, in exchange for review from Bethany House. I read Dating and the Single Parent within the last week and I truly enjoyed this book. I didn’t read the book from the beginning, but started at chapters most relevant to me. I chose this book because one day I want to date, but I need to date the right way, versus may way. I also have two special kids, which adds additional challenges to dating.

The first section, which stood out was Appendix 2, the sample purity pledge. I am currently celibate. Some days I want to date, but I need to date within God’s guidelines. The book listed activities for dating couples to engage in, such as light kissing and hugging, without being sexual or giving in to temptation. The book also discussed how couples should get a mentor to talk to, if they are tempted. Finally, the section provided bible verses, which related to sexual purity.

Next, I enjoyed the first three chapters, which discussed dating with kids and dating readiness. The book states that individuals need to have a purpose in dating. The purpose need to have God put first. The book also discussed how people are selfish in dating. Some people date to find a (wo)man for them, companionship for them; love for them, but neglect to think about how the (wo)man will affect their kids. How will this person influence the kids? If a man is willing to date me and my two kids, I should consider how he will affect me, as well as them. His influence can affect their lives for eternity, which is why the couples should share similar spiritual beliefs (p. 31).

People also need to determine if they are truly ready to date. Individuals need to look at past dating patterns. Have you matured and learned from those relationships OR are you still stuck doing the same thing (p. 33). Do you trust God the same, more, or less during relationships? Do you put God to the side when dating? Do your mate believe in God? Can you trust the person? How does he treat the kids? How do the kids treat him? All of these questions need to be answered when pursuing a Christian-Godly-based relationship.

Other things which stood out in the book:
Not rushing dating or marriage. Take your time to get to know the person. Stay true to your purpose. Get to know them on a mental, instead of a physical level.
Trust in God to manage the relationship.
In many cases, the kids and the significant other will compete for attention.
Date for at least two years before considering marriage. Don’t date for at least two years after the divorce.
Discernment Discernment Discernment. If something don’t feel right, leave.
Know how your personality affects relationships.

I loved this book. The book was just what I needed right now.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My grandma drove a mercedes (and a jag)

My grandma drove a Mercedes and a Jag. She was so into her cars, she bought the 300 dollar official tires, rather than the regular ones from the store. The cars were premium, but they ran like poop. One of those cars drove slow as heck, and not from my grandma driving slow as heck (which she did). The Jag stayed broken down a lot.

In the black neighborhood, I grew up in, people thought we was rich because Mama Areletha had a Merc. We was broke. We was on food stamps, when paper stamps existed. We had the white cans of food, with black lettering. Ham, Cheese, Peanut butter, etc. I ate syrup sandwiches, which was real good. Some days, we had no food to eat. Some days, we had it good and other days, we had it bad. Maybe this is why I am not into name brand anything. I will wear hand me downs, with no issues. I can go months and months without buying new clothes for me or the kiddies. For the kiddies, I always buy bigger anyway, so they can grow into it. I only went to my prom, to eat. Had a free ticket. Had a dress from an old ROTC event. On a side note, sometimes the best part of ROTC events was the food. Mother drove me and I went straight for the buffet. I was hungry.

One day, I went on a field trip to an Astros game with the neighborhood center. The driver, a grown ass-man, asked me for money for him, because I was good for it, since my grandma was perceived rich. almost cussed that fool out, but I was a good girl then. He asked me for 20 bucks. I was a minor and this fool, was asking me for money, based on his perception of my grandma.

The Merc in my poem, Mercedes fantasy, was based on my grandma's cars. Sometimes people perceive others as one way, based on possessions. I had a woman tell me, I thought i was better than her because I had a contract phone, instead of a prepaid. Or my grandma telling me i was better than her because i wanted to do homework for a change, while in college.

I have a high school diploma. I have a college degree. I have kids. I wrote a book. but I have no official job, other than mother, poet, book reviewer, product reviewer, writer, church member, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, confidant, graduate student, and that crazy lady. I have no car. I have special needs kids, with unique problems. My books-sold more free copies than royalties. I am appreciative though of the 17 bucks I got from Lulu. I have problems, some people will never be aware of. Looking at me from the outside, does not show you who I truly am. I may not never drive a Mercedes (I don't have the desire to anyway), but may have a Mercedes lifestyle (which I don't). My personality is worth more than that.

Stacie Dorletha Wyatt, Poetress. Writer, Future PHD person lol.


don't want to explain why i am going without, when i used to never go without
don't want to explain how i went from nymph to ain't getting none
by choice that is
don't want to explain why i never gave you the chance then,
yet, you still not getting none now
i hope you're not waiting on me because you wasn't too much of a thought before
don't want to explain why i gave up free porn and deleted my naked pics and flicks
gave up the chocolate stick for some piece
peace of mind that is
mind was clouded by penis, dick,
always had to have my weekly fix
withdrawal symptoms was a bitch.
couldn't even go two weeks without a hit.
addicktion at it's finest
sex was my highness.
placed upon a pedestal,
won a few gold medals,
but sex was me and I was it.
had to take a indefinite break from dick.
mind was sick, twisted, conflicted
rather have sex than to eat, sleep, breathe
was in too deep,
falling into a shallow grave of meaningless penises
throwing away emotions for orgasms
feeling empty and more emptier inside.
I had to let sex slide
control it, instead of it controlling me.
sex fiend

Copyright. September 5, 2012. Stacie D. Wyatt

Mercedes Fantasy

fancy cars, parked in the driveway
mercedes, lexus coupe, cadillac

from the outside, they are first-class vehicles
but on the inside, they are filled with trash.

people riding around first class, but struggling to make food last
bills not paid early or on time
but they driving around in the latest ride.

trying to keep up with the Broke-sies,
because they can't catch up to the Jones

styling and profiling, to their friends and family
but don't even have a mortgage or a lease

people need to live within their means
trying to go from alienation to acceptance by the masses
don't even have a drop of soap to wash their ashy asses

living like peasants to obtain the latest pleasures
measuring his/her worth by the envy of others
but man is not measured by his goods or worth alone
can't take the Mercedes with you once you gone.
all alone
and the title, you still don't own

worried about the repo man and your limited status
some people need to take off those lexus-colored glasses
see the forest through the trees
get down on your knees,
and pray to God, he will bless you with the things you need
the things you want are temporary, fleeting
never know when the pleasure will be ending

living a mercedes fantasy, with a Pinto reality.

You can have the finest clothes
Ride around in premium cars
People think you are a star
VIP passes, unlimited access to ass
Perceived, outside living classy
But the insides are nasty, trashy, dusty, and ashy
Perpetuating the myth, “I got it”
Envy me, want me,
Never can you touch me, reach me
Wash, rinse, repeat, cycle keep repeating
Kids need food to eat
Rent due last week
Toes protruding from your shoes
Still living that Mercedes fantasy, as if you have nothing to lose

But your soul-it got holes
Possessions don’t fill the voids
Going through the motions of life
Robot-body, Mercedes life
Brain acting mechanical, producing no real though
Just happy with the status from the crap you bought

Copyright: Stacie D. Wyatt October 26, 2012/October 27, 2012.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Damn Teenagers

What do you do when you see a teenager doing something stupid? Do you say something, hoping they would change (because they probably wont)? Do you tell their parents? (and they probably won't listen and accuse you of lying, even if you have proof).

Some teenagers today, think they have all the answers, but their solutions are stupid. Don't want to listen. don't want to do their homework. Don't want to go to school. Some want to get high, do drugs, and have lots of sex. but not always fond of the side effects of sex (STDS, KIDS, and EMOTIONS).

i was a good teenager. I went to class. I loved ROTC. i did my homework. never got detention, suspension. no trouble on my academic record. I was an average student, who did not talk to boys, until I was 18, and far far far far away from home. Then the trouble started, but I had my high school diploma. nothing more gratifying than being dressed in an elaborate gown, with a diamond-shaped hat, with tassel, walking across the stage, and being handed a diploma. YIPPEE COW YAH. More kids need to take my educational example. the rest...we leave it at education

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Come on over to my side

Come on over to my side was the message preached in church on Sunday. I attend Fallbrook Church, pastored by Mike Pender. During each message, I think of ways I can apply the sermon to my life. Come on over to my side applied to my celibacy journey.

The pastor discussed how people don't want to make sacrifices for their walk. People still want to party, drink, have sex. Basically, lead a hedonistic lifestyle. Our lives are filled with unlimited indulgence, which takes priority over God. Yet, our fleshly cravings are temporal, meaningless. We are still lonely, empty, and our hearts may be hardened.

Sex used to be satisfying to me, but I developed an addiction for more. More men, more toys, more masturbation, more toys. I wanted more and I got more. The more I got, the less emotions I put towards me. I didn't care about them, no more than they cared about me. Sex was a short-time pleasure. I had more one-night stands than repeats. I didnt care about them-men was just a penis to me. Yet I was still lonely, still empty inside. My heart hardened more towards men folks (and I still have issues, I am working out.)

The pastor discussed how fun was fleeting, temporary. If we live our lives for fun, we will have trouble. We can not depend on fun to be satisfied in the Lord. Nothing will bring us happiness, like God can. If we give ourselves to want and pleasure, it causes death, even while living. I was dead inside. I cared more about the next orgasm, the next toy, the next penis, than I did the man.

People are exhausted. We use temporary pleasures to relieve pain, but the pain is still there. I had sex for fun, for pleasure, for attention, for a place to stay, for money, for love, to relieve boredom, etc. but all that sex with all those men was not good for me in the long run. It hurts to think about my sex count or some of the bad experiences. For example, I used to stay in the projects. After 11 pm, the family I was staying with, locked the screen doors. If I was not coming home from work or school, I sometimes could not get in the house. Anyway, this dude wanted to have sex. I said yes. Told him, I would have to spend the night because I may not get back in my house. He said cool. Turns out, he had to go to work at 3 am. I had to wait in the dark, at the nearest train station, from 3 something to 445, to catch a train to get home. I was scared and I deleted his number. Situations like this made me despise men, in general more (not all men, just some). Yet, i started having sex more during the mornings and afternoons, instead of nites. Nights were reserved for long-time repeat fucks, who wouldnt try to leave me stranded or in similar situations. Men, I trusted more. I was a mess.

Currently, I have been celibate for almost 2 years. I have not watched porn in almost a year. I still struggle with sexual thoughts and masturbation (but not as much as I used to ). I am also taking a purity course for porn addiction. I want to be better, get better, and grow in the Lord.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Wonderland Alphabet by Althea Kontis

I read the Wonderland Alphabet for review from I loved this book, and so did my kids. I loved how the book used characters from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass (Alice, The Duchess, Queen of Hearts, The jabberwockey, tweedle dee and tweedle dum, for example). Each page also rhymed and was full of satire, wit, and humor. The book was a wonderful read.

Surfing for God: Discovering the divine desire beneath sexual struggle

I reviewed Surfing for God by Michael John Cusick for

The book gave me trouble at first. I don't have a kindle--I have kindle for pc and cloud reader for chrome. My kindle for pc kept freezing up as I tried to read this book. I heard about the book before and was glad to see it up for review.

I struggled with sexuality and pornography in the past. As of now, I been celibate for almost 2 years and have not viewed porn in over a year. I started deactivating my porn sites, last year (at least the ones I know of)to reduce the temptation to look. I was a mess and I found peace during my celibate journey. I am trying to avoid anything, which may lead me back to having sex again, for all the wrong reasons. Even signed up for a purity course, which is taking me forever to complete.

This book gave me hope, strength to continue my celibate journey. I still struggle with sexual thoughts, but I have a renewed sense of purpose.

I enjoyed the introduction story--sometimes we give part of ourselves away, in exchange for something better--but we are damaging our souls and bodies, without realizing it. I gave away pieces of me, thinking it would be ok, but it was slowly killing me mentally.

I highly recommend this book for purchase.

BryBelly 1st product review

Stainless steel slide under cup holder

96 inch texas holdem table top cover

I received a table cover and cup holder from for review. First, the cover fit perfectly (with a little extra room) over the table in the den. The product is also waterproof and protects the table from stains. My kids also used the cover as a cap, so the cover has multiple uses. For example, the cover was used to protect my bed, while I laundered my mattress pads and other bedding. I definitely would recommend this product for poker users and/or other inventive homemakers.

Next, the cup also provided multiple uses. I used it to store coins, water bottles, pins, pens, paint, and other trinkets/craft objects for my sons. I would recommend the cup as well.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My baby has seizures excerpt

My baby has seizures-absent or petit mal to be exact. It started weeks ago. He was crawling in the hallway, getting ready to turn the corner into my room, and he fell out. Unresponsive for a few minutes. Doctors found nothing wrong. My baby had a similar incident on Thursday. He woke up and was staring into space for about five minutes. He came to and went back to sleep shortly after. Another incident happened Friday. I was downstairs working on the dryer. Cleaned out a few pounds of lint. Dryer is still dead though. I heard a thump. Ran to find Kalen or Brad. He was out a few minutes. He was out for about 2 minutes. This is hard to take because I had epilepsy and seizures as a teen. Brad had seizures, starting at 4. He has not had one in years. Now, my baby has developed a genetic predisposition. Yay me. I am watching him more carefully now.

Bathroom Wall

Bathroom Wall Project.

It started out as a simple assignment from Brad's Home School. Create a stencil and create a pattern on a piece of paper. I took that idea and decided to cover the bathroom wall in a stencil. I just wanted to cover up and old paint stain. I used clothing dye as the background. Mama loves her purple.

The triangle stencil was the one I created. Then I used a circle stencil, I already had to make the circles. Then another inspiration hit, I can use Kalen's foot prints and hand prints on the wall. My initial idea was to do a simple print on paper and then scan it in to make a stencil. cut it out. stamp it on the wall. Kalen did not act right and I decided to add some paint to a box. Rub Kalen's feet in the box and use his feet as the stencil. Then Brad got involved, I added my prints and then I decided to add my great nieces feet and hands.

Monday, October 15, 2012

ABC Mouse Learning Activities-First Month Free-Click Here!

I signed up for ABC Mouse before to improve Brad's learning skills. Brad has issues with the basics, especially the alphabet and numbers. Brad refuses to say anything but A and 1. Brad picked up on the website quickly and earned tickets fast. You can use the tickets to buy items in the store for your hamster tank. I deactivated my account months ago because Brad found a new love, youtube, but I still have a love for ABC Mouse. If you sign up, you get the first month free. After that, It's like 7.95 per month. I will re-subcribe again, once Brad shows an renewed interest in the website.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What life lessons would I tell my 13 year old self

What is the funniest thing that ever happened to me

I have no freaking idea. I remember a hundred years ago, when I was married, instead of separated, the bozo had to replace the gas water heater for an electric water heater. He forgot the most important step. Turn off the freaking water first. Anyways, he started swapping out the heaters, and BOOOOM water goes everywhere. All down the utility closet, hallways, laundry area, living room. All while the water is pouring, I hear giggling. Brad is pointing and laughing at his father and I, slip and fall, while trying to clean up the water, and hook up the new water heater. Brad jr. found the scene the most hilarious. You can never say an Autistic does not have a sense of humor lol.

What did I study in College

story lane prompt

1997-1998. studied english and texas government at community college. took dual credit courses in high school. North Harris Montgomery Community College
1998-1999-went to an all girls college. traditional. had no idea what I wanted to major in. Wesleyan College
2004ish-tried to go to Chubb Institute for graphic design. had to withdraw within the first week. car broke down.
2004-2005. Went to Westwood College of Technology. Majored in Graphic Design. Transferred to Phoenix after realizing the school is nuts. Took a small break from the school. went back for the same degree. told me I had to start over as a freshman and my credits from them are no good. No thank you
2006-2010 University of Phoenix. Business Management degree. Have used this degree to analyze how bad my old jobs was lol. old jobs was subject of plenty of papers. Also provided suggestions on how to change work environment.
2010-2016 University of Phoenix IO psychology degree.

What have I learned from failed relationships?

story lane prompt

1.Do not ignore the red flags. If something don't seem right, investigate, and then resolve the issue.
2.Speak your mind, when something is wrong. Don't hold emotions in
3.Do not get married, unless you are ready.
4. Be upfront and honest. Expect the same from your mate.
5. Do not have sex with exes. They are exes for a reason.
6. Sex is not always the answer to problems.
7. It's ok to compromise on some things, but on others, you need to stand your ground
8. if he lies about having kids, leave him be
9. if he lies about living with, getting money from, and contacting an ex, leave him be.
10. Sex does not equal love. A sexual relationship is not a romantic relationship. Minimize your feelings or you will get hurt.

Dating???? Yeah Right

Story lane prompt

I think dating is a waste of my time, though I seek companionship. Someone to talk to. Someone to hang out with. but not someone to be in a relationship with or have sex with. This is me. Stacie, 32, Black woman, with herpes. (that's the easy part). Now the hard part, I am celibate with two special needs kids. and I am in graduate school and homework comes first. The oldest doesn't know a lot of words and not potty trained. He can be sweet at times. My youngest is not walking or talking right now. He is sweet too. But will a man (even platonic) handle a level 5 meltdown over candy, over food, over the computer not working, over the remote? Will he go crazy like I do? Will he hold in his cuss words and try not to explode? Resist the desire to toss Brad into the wall, while praying Brad comes out on the other side sane? Deal with a lot of grown man poopie and pee diapers. Not being able to take a child to certain places because of sensory overload. Or taking the kids on all the dates because my baby does not babysit. Is this the life the man seeks? My life is a lonely one.

I am not like my mother or father, I think

Story lane prompt

I am not like my father or mother, I think. They are strange beings to me and I will never truly understand them.

I can claim my mothers creativity or my father's love of power tools. My mother believes in God and loves to read. My dad also believes in God. I also embrace my daddys cheapness. I hate spending money on stupid stuff all the time (or unneeded stuff). I have my daddys anger issues, in addition to my own.

What I do not want:
1. My mother's passiveness. If someone says something bad about her kids, grand kids, she sits there. does nothing. I will stand up for my kids, if I am right.
2. My fathers need to be in a relationship. He is on his 3 or 4th or 5th wife. I forgot. My mother was number 2. They have 3 kids, 3 grands, and 1 great grand together. Sabrina, his first wife, had one child with him. Then there was Martinas mom (never met her); some woman named Darlene (dont know if he married her) and now Glenda, who I met recently at Church. Still cant pick her out of a line up.
3. My mother's finances. BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET. no big ticket purchases unless you budget. No pay check deductions for stuff, ordered at work, unless you budget.
4. To be married but separated forever. these folks was married for 20 years but separated for most of that. took until 2004 to get a divorce. I was married for 5, but separated for 5. I want a divorce.
5. My mothers need to please the masses. One example, she does not want to be tagged in any photos of the grands or great grands because she dont want ppl to think she old enough to have grands or great grands. Who gives a damn about her 1 or 2 facebook friends, who are not family. Life is too short to not embrace your lineage. Especially, since she is the only one with a biological lineage. My youngest uncle (died in about 07) had no kids. My middle uncle, Phil (gay) no kids. My oldest, middle uncle (has no bio kids, but has step kids). My mother is the only one with kids, grands, and great grands.
6. my daddys former drug. liquor, and jail house addiction.
7. my daddys greasy food. No one needs that much oil and grease to cook with.
8. Finances. Once again, another example.. my mother and father could not manage a joint acct together because neither one told the other what the other took out.
9. My mother need to blame everything broke or in ill repair on Brad. I know he breaks stuff, but at times, she inserts his name in for stuff, he never did, never was around for. Bra--I mean Guy pushed rachel down the steps. Bra- no so and so, stole money from me.
10.Mamas whining. Complaining is one thing. Whining is another. Whining makes me lose more respect. For example, mother agreed to take willie c somewhere. she was running late. instead of calling to say-hey willie, i will be late. can we arrange for another time and date? I heard this--Wilieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as the starting sentence. I was like you got to be kidding me. you dont need to whine to make your point. you are doing him a favor and he is paying you for it. she sounded like Lucy Ricardo begging Ricky to be in the show.
11. Daddys grudges and accusations. When we was married X years ago, you flirted with that man. you cheated on me too. you turned the kids against me. you didnt let my mama be in the show Ricky.

How does being a parent challenge me?

Storylane prompt (posted it here too)

HAHAHAHAHAAH I laugh at this question. Parenting is definitely a challenge, especially since I have two now. I admit I do not have a maternal gene and I had to learn to like and love my kids. I was one of those women, who did not want kids, but loved to have sex. Viola, I had 4 pregnancies, which resulted in two live births and two miscarriages. I also have the additional challenge of having two special needs kids. I grown to love both my monkeys a lot, while I was pregnant with Kalen. I am not perfect, but I am slowly improving.

Some of my challenges include the following:
-getting Brad to use soap when he showers
-getting Brad to stop putting on clothes, pulled from the dirty clothes
-teaching Brad to go potty on the potty, instead of the floor, the patio, the shower, etc
-teaching Kalen to walk
-homeschooling Brad
-making sure Brad does not hurt Kalen
-Putting up with Brads meltdowns
-teaching Kalen to talk
-teaching Kalen not to eat everything off the floor
-explaining why my kids are not "normal"
-Telling Brad to keep his hands out of his pants
-teaching Brad how to season food
-keeping brad from eating the food BEFORE it is fully cooked
-Keeping Brad from ripping Kalens diaper off
-Diffusing meltdowns in public places like Church or that stupid soccer game weeks ago.
-keeping Brad from jumping in my bed, so the box will not break
-Maintaining my sanity because if mama snaps, I dont trust too many folks to watch and keep my kids.
-Keeping Brad from shutting the door on Kalen
-Suffering through SpongeBoob Stupid Pants Daily

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brad and being sick

Yesterday I mentioned Brad had a headache. When Brad has an headache, he takes a lot of showers. He throws up. He points to his head. He sleeps most of the day. He may shower with his clothes on. For those, who don't know, Brad is Autistic and mostly non-verbal. When he is sick, I have to watch out for the usual signs, otherwise I miss it and get throw up all over my bed.

All this for a headache, but what if he Jwas sick with something else. Something worse, or just something other than a headache. How would he tell me? How would I know? How would the doctors know how to treat him? Run countless tests until they notice a dot, a blemish, a blur? Of course they have to drug him, because Brad won't let doctors touch him. Even if Brad bumps his head or get a scratch or a bruise, I will have no idea how he got it, since he only knows how to point to his head, belly, legs, feet, ears primarily. He can say nose and eye though. It is a good thing God protects fools and babies. My big baby needs all the Godly protection he can get.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Headache 2.0

October 8, 2012
A few days ago, Brad did something amazing. I was watching Kalen, Brad, and Sariyah (my great niece). Kalen was hungry and I had to put Sariyah down. Sariyah was not happy. While I was feeding Kalen, I noticed Sariyah stopped crying. Turned around and looked—Brad had picked up her bottle and started feeding her. It was amazing. Brad never shown any interest in her before, but he helped me out tremendously that day. He didn’t feed her long, but it was enough to calm her down.

Fast forward till today. I got up early. I started cooking and cleaning the kitchen. Come upstairs to rest. It was 3:30 pm. I had been downstairs since like 10 am. Keep in mind, I am washing my sheets, blankets, pillows, and mattress pads. Brad been acting sick all day. He did not eat his lunch. He took a nap before noon and slept for a few hours. We are all upstairs and he signals to me that he has a headache. Headaches means throwing up. Headaches means constant showers. Headaches mean throwing up. He threw up all over my mattress pad , I just put on my bed. He threw up on the mattress. He got this mess on the walls, box springs, and floor. While he is throwing up, the power in the room goes completely out. Now I have to clean up the puke, in addition to trying to fix the power. I got the bed cleaned up, put the mattress pad in the washer again, got the power back on. Brad took another nap. Got up and threw up in my bed again, in a completely new spot. Cleaned that spot up. Went downstairs to cook dinner. Brad eventually wakes up, comes downstairs, sees me cooking, grabs a pillow from the laundry basket, and lays in the middle of the kitchen floor. Oh yeah, he don’t feel good. He has not taken any meds today. No Rispercrap, ,melatonin, or clonindine. I’m so glad I did not give him his meds, otherwise, that would be on my wall too. Now, the bed is clean and made. All the mattress pads, sheets, pillows, are back on the bed. He still has not ate yet, but his demeanor is a lot better.

Friday, October 5, 2012

I need a job

I am completing from the Center for Development at my Church. The course is teaching job related skills such as networking, financial management, health and wellness, and education. Once completed, I will receive a certificate of completion and the church will help me find a job, provided that:

1. I have transportation to get to work-I don't live on the bus line and I don't want to depend on my mother every day.
2. I need day care for two special needs kids. Brad is not pot trained, not fully verbal, and has daily , multiple meltdowns. Kalen does not walk or talk and has fine motor delays.
3. I need a learning coach for Brad's home school to teach him during the day and I can finish up at nite.

The course will be good for my resume but not sure if I can get a job right now.

Some days

Some days I dont want to share my food. Some days I dont want to share my toys. Some days I need five minutes of peace. but I know it's not always meant to be. The joys of an autistic parent lol

Monday, October 1, 2012

The UOPX Alumni Event and Dynamo Game 9/27/12

My school had an alumni event this weekend. The school provided an alumni mixer and then tickets to the Dynamos Soccer game. I took my two kids and my niece to the event. The food included hamburgers, hot dogs, kettle chips, cookie, water, and soda. Brad did good at the alumni event. He ate three plates of food. Then, we headed over to the fan fest at the stadium. We got hats, sun glasses, gift certificates, candy, yogurt, hats from the fan fest. Brad was good during the fan fest. We walked to the stadium. Brad wa mostly good at the stadium. We lost him for a minute. While I was filling out a form for more free crap, Brad wandered off to the nearest concession stand. So Glad I found him. My biggest problem was the meltdown that followed once Brad saw some m&ms. I brought no money because the school provided food and tickets. The meltdown lasted from the time the game started until we walked out the building 30 or so minutes later. He was screaming. he was laying in the middle of the wet floor. Since the stadium is open and it was raining, the floors were dripping wet. The funny part was I gave him both his Risperdone and Clonindine BEFORE we left the house to calm him down. He was calm for the most part until he saw that infamous brown box with the picture of peanut goodness. Will I take him to another soccer Game? HELL NO.