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Tyndale House-Christian books- Christian-based books. Print and Ebooks. Audio books included. Great selection. Only can get one book at a time.

Bethany House-Christian books Christian books. One book at a time. Great selection. Requires a review on Amazon or an online retailer site to submit.

Netgalley-Great selection of books. Represents multiple genres. Kindle and EPUB formats. sometimes, a download has an PDF. Can review multiple books. Books do expire on Adobe digital Editions and Reader for PC. Keep up with expiration dates, as well as archival dates. Can not leave a review once the book is archived on Netgalley. Still can leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari, and other places. Will send books directly to Kindle.

Library Thing: Early reviewers program plus member giveaways. Both programs have a good selection, but higher chance of being selected for member giveaway versus early reviewers. You select the books you want from a list. If selected, a comment appears in email and/or profile page. I have received 4 books from Early reviewers so far and over 70 from member giveaway.

Blogging For Books: One book at a time. 5 day window after requesting a book before reviewing it. great selection. One book at a time, but can request a few books each month, depending on your reading level. read a book, leave a review, request, wait the 5 day window, repeat. No expiration dates on books.

Edelweiss: Can request multiple books. Kindle or Epub. Will send books directly to Kindle.

LitFuse: Choose books to review. Must do a book tour. Can not have multiple book tours at the same time.

BookBlogs: Book groups on Ning. Choose the groups you want to join. Some of the groups the Authors looking for reviews on their books. Must email the author for the book.

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