Sunday, March 3, 2013

Power in the Blood

I read Power in the Blood, in exchange for honest review from Bethany House.

Power in the Blood

I read Power in the Blood, in exchange for review from Bethany House. The book was written by Sandie Freed and Bill Harmon. The book was also published  by Baker Publishing Group. The book discusses how God's power correlates with our inheritance. The blood also defines our relationship with Christ. We have freedom and power within the blood. We also have breakthroughs and victories within the blood. 

Next, the blood gives us fresh strategies to face battles. Freed stated how we can't fight today's battles with yesterday's victories. Each day has new problems, and challenges for us to solve. We need new, fresh blood to handle the challenges. We also need to understand God's glory. God's glory will allow us to fulfill desires and live our dreams. 

Finally, we need to learn to let go of the past to move forward (which is hard.). We also need cleansing from impure thoughts, sins, and iniquities. The book discussed Isaiah, who needed direction from the Lord. Isaiah had to move past the past; visit the Lord and witness the Lord's glory; in addition to cleansing himself from impure thoughts, sins, and iniquities. Then the Lord gave Isaiah direction to defeat the forces of Satan, which required King Uzzaiah to die before the prophet can experience the fullness of God. He had to go through a new season to get new blessings. The king represented death, while the Lord's plans represented light, a new season, a new harvest. The same things apply in life, some things we have to let die before we can move forward. How many times have God told us to let go of something and we did not want to listen? Once we let go, we experienced freedom and release. We felt our burdens lifted.

For me, I had to let go of sex. I was very promiscous (and addicted to sex). God told me before to let sex die. I had to give up sex, give up porn, and a few other things. I did not listen right away. I had to go through some things, in order to finally listen.  Once I obeyed what God wanted, I felt a renewed sense of peace, a new sense of purpose. I still have problems, but I am no longer addicted to sex. I no longer watch porn. I still have a long ways to go mentally, but I am at more peace mentally. I installed parental controls for me versus the children. As of now, I been celibate for almost three years.  

Letting go is hard work. It takes dedication, persistence, prayer, will power, etc. We have to let certain things die, whatever it is to move forward. Once we let go, we can feel God empowering us, in addition to giving us authority. We also can use the experiences to help others, who are going through. What thing I do not like occurs when an individual gets mad at someone for doing the same thing they are doing. I had a friend (not anymore), who got mad at me for having sex with multiple parties, when he was doing the same thing. His reasoning was the women all knew each other. The women knew what they was getting into and agreed to share the same man separately and together. I thought he was being a hypocrite and ended the friendship. He couldn't help me move past my sex addiction. He did not offer Godly guidance. He offered condemnation, while partaking in similar activities. We both was very promiscious but mine was worse than his. A sin is a sin, no matter what sin. 

Overall, the book was a good book. To have spiritual growth, we must let old habits and ideas die. To move forward, we need to let go of the past. To move into a new season, we have to get past the old season. 

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