Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Altar Ego

I read Altar Ego, in exchange for review from BookSneeze. The book was written by Craig Groeschel and published by Zondervan.

I got the book a few days ago, in print format. The book discusses finding your Godly identity. People have identities, based on own and others' perceptions, but that's not what God called us to be. The book teaches us how to put on the Altar our false identities and selfish motives (p. 9). The book teaches us to live for God versus living for people. WE do not have to be defined by our past. Page 11 says I am who God says I am. God will give us a new name and a renewed purpose. God will give us freedom, grace, love, and a future. We have to change our thinking. Cast away lies, insecurities,  and outdated perceptions. It won't be easy, but nothing is impossible through Jesus. 

Other highlights:

  • God's power is bigger than your past
  • No habit is too big for God
  • What's true now don't have to be true later. 
  • To learn who i am, i've had to learn who i am not. you are not what others think about you. you are not your past. you are not what you did. you are who God says you are.
  • God will take one of your greatest weaknesses and turn it into one of your greatest strengths. Definitely can see how this applies to me. went from sex addict to celibate. from horrible mama to semi-decent mother
  • If you ever felt like a failure as a mom, seek the God of all and own it when he calls you great and Godly Mom.
How I chose this book:

I review for BookSneeze┬«I got an email from Booksneeze about upcoming releases. I was not done with the last book and review. As soon as I read the description of Altar Ego, I wanted this book immediately. I quickly finished the other book, wrote the review, and requested Altar Ego. The description talked about finding our identities in the Lord, versus being identified by self and others. I am working on reading more books, which can help me grow in the Lord, versus fiction. I love a good fiction book, but that was not what I needed (or need) right now. I need God. I have a past. God can help me heal past my past. The book was wonderful. Definitely Glad this is a hardback because I can write in it. I have highlighted passages and my labels (my own and others). Some labels included: selfish, antisocial, cheap, honest, reliable, bitch, not likeable, insecure, anal, dummy, smart, promiscuous. Some of these labels do not define me any more, but people still see me as the old me, versus the new me. I was a sex addict. I am now celibate. Some people still see me as the promiscuous one. Don't understand how I went from a lot of sex to no sex. My journey was not for them, but for me to grow. I think as you grow and change, you have to let things and people go. Not everyone can travel with you, as you progress through life. 

I loved reading this book. I am used to reviewing e-books, so I was taking notes, as I went along. Then something hit me, this is my book--my paperback book-I can mark, highlight, and write notes in the book. The book is excellent. I read over 50 pages since I got the book. Definitely what I am needing right now. 

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