Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to avoid having sex

I reviewed How to Avoid Having Sex, in exchange for review from LibraryThing's Early Reviewers Program. The book was written by E.C. Stilson. I received my copy earlier today and finished it about 10 minutes ago (8:14 pm now). I selected the book from the March selections because A) I am celibate and needed a good laugh B) I used to be married and had my own excuses for not having sex. Some of my excuses was in the book. A few days ago, I was looking on Amazon for books on celibacy and abstinence. Stilson's book popped up in the search. I added the book to my wish list. Then, a few minutes later, I got the email from LT, saying I won the book. Yay me. I was patiently awaiting the book's arrival in my inbox. I got the book today and started reading it.

This was an amazing quick read. The book is about excuses, to avoid having sex with your spouse. Some of them worked. Some of them backfired on her, when the husband tried them too. Some of them included headaches, cycles, dead animals, company, and the kids may hear us. The author, not only provided excuses, but the stories behind the excuses. The book was hilarious. The book is available on Kindle  (.99) and paperback (8.99) on Amazon.

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