Thursday, March 7, 2013

Men, dont pee straight by Rick Dean

I read Men, don't pee straight: and other things, you should know about us, in exchange for honest review. The book was written by Rick Dean.

I got the book in the mail last week.  I read it the same night, within about 5 minutes. The book was a hilarious, stereotypical, satire, look at men. The graphics was excellent as well.

The title page was the first glance at how funny the book was: Men, don't pee straight and other things you should know about us. so you can write it down and keep track, although, since you never forget anything, there's probably no need to write it down. but it still might be useful when explaining stuff to us that really bugs you (and we're really good to help in any way possible).  Next, the book has relevant quotes by relevant people. Third, each section starts with a title, a very hilarious title, with some information women need to know about men. On the opposite page, there is a log, with a space to write the date. There is also a checklist to check off what your man did wrong for that day lol.

For example: The first section was called Men, don't know what Mauve is. It discusses how men sees things as simple. It also lists things, men will never notice. Then, in the checklist,

He didn't notice:
-my new hair style
-the new curtains
-the new living room set

Each page has four logs for a woman to fill in. The book is 42 pages of a great laugh and a great read.

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