Saturday, January 31, 2015

Reacher Grabber Stick Review (Tomoson)

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I received the Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool , in exchange for honest review from Tomoson.

I wanted to review the product because I am short. I put things such as cleaning supplies and bathing supplies at the top of the closet to keep the kids from getting into them, but I need a chair to grab items needed. The product worked great for the first few weeks. I was able to grab soap, shampoo, and other smaller cleaner supplies from the top of the closet.

A few days ago, the head stopped working. something came loose and I'm not sure what. Great while it lasted.

You can purchase the product on Amazon. The product is prime-eligible.

Friday, January 30, 2015

SalsaCrazy Learn to Dance Merengue DVD Review (Tomoson)

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I received Learn to Dance Merengue Beginning and Intermediate, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The collection comes with one DVD. The DVD is taught by Alison Hurwitz and Jesus Ortiz.

The video teaches the basic steps before it moves into the beginner and   intermediate lessons. First, the video teaches the history of merengue.  The dance originated in the Dominican Republic. Started out as a dance for the peasant class, Merengue also has been used in political commentary and social expression.

The video teaches you the steps from multiple positions. The video also teaches you mistakes to make, such as not to bounce. And to hit the floor with the ball of your foot and not the heel. Hurwitz also says most of the action occurs downstairs or the hips and below. You also learn how to bend your knees properly.

The video is great for an amateur dancer like me, who lacks rhythm. I can take my time learning the steps versus being rushed into the more advanced steps.

You can purchase Learn to Dance Merengue, along with other Dance Crazy, Salsa Crazy, and Bachata Crazy DVDS on Amazon. You can learn to waltz, salsa, bachata, and even salsa workout.  The DVD (s) is prime-eligible

40 Days of Grace Book Blast and Giveaway (Write Now Literary Virtual Blog Tours)


Author is giveaway one copy of Forty Days of Grace and Journal. Enter contest below.

Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: God's Glory (December 18, 2014)
ISBN-10: 0974374938
ISBN-13: 978-0974374932



Forty Days of Grace is a prayer devotional full of wisdom orchestrated by God to manifest His purpose through a chosen nation. As you read Forty Days of Grace, God will daily impart into you revelation and knowledge for strength and encouragement. On each page God depicts His grace given for you to complete the work He has chosen for you to do. Everyone who takes the journey through Forty Days of Grace can anticipate receiving God’s triumphant Victory. As you travel within the pages of Forty Days of Grace - A Prayer Devotional, the power of God is unveiled for you to know that His Grace is Sufficient and for you to daily experience His Abundant Grace.


Kim Jackson

Elder Kim Y. Jackson, M. Divinity is a licensed Elder at Greater Bethlehem Church (Bishop Jason Nelson). An anointed writer, conference speaker, teacher, oracle and psalmist for the Lord, Elder Jackson is called to write the plans of God for His people. Her self-published non-fiction Christian books include In the Garden: A Woman's Journey Orchestrated by God for Deliverance and Spiritual Maturity, Forty Days of Grace: A Prayer Devotional and True Worship: Understanding the Command of God for a Chosen People. She has also contributed to the anthologies This Far By Faith, Have A Little Faith and Keeping the Faith. Her written works have also been featured in numerous print and online publications. Elder Kim Jackson is also the founder of the Women Writers of God’s Word Author’s Tour.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit Elder Jackson imparts revelation knowledge to empower believers of Christ. As an oracle and scribe for the Lord, God has released her to effectively minister in the areas of healing and deliverance. Elder Jackson ministers at several recovery houses, transitional homes and support groups.

Elder Jackson has fully accepted her calling to preach, write for the Lord, teach God's word and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She stands on God's word and encourages other believers to "Write the Vision" (Habakkuk 2:2) that God has given to them.



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Get your Joy Back Book Review (Litfuse)

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I read Get Your Joy Back, in exchange for honest review from Litfuse.  I received a paperback book. The book was written by Laurie Wallin.

The book is about getting your joy back, when you have special needs kids. For those, who don't know, Brad has Autism and ADHD. Kalen has Autism; Global Development Delays; Sensory Processing Disorder; and Static Encephalopathy. Kalen is also anemic and Brad has high cholesterol, inherited from his father. Kalen is also short. On the height and weight scale, Kalen is normal but at the bottom of the normal curve. He used to be underweight. He ate, but his weight would not increase much. Still the same today. After 3 years, Kalen finally hit the 3 ft mark, but still under 30 lbs. For the longest, he was steady at 18 lbs, then 21, and now he stuck at 29 lbs. He is still wearing 12 to 18 month clothes.

I never wanted kids, let alone special needs kids. I never knew the toll it can take on your life, until it happened. The doctors appointments, psych appointments, temper tantrums, seizures, breath holding spells, not fun. The lack of social life because no one wants to take them anywhere or you just extra cautious of who, you bring them around. The loneliness, the anxiety, the heart break. Some days, I am joyless.

Thursday was one of those days.

Last night, Kalen (Midget), had a seizure. I spent about 4-5 hours in the ER. Once again, results came back fine. He and his brother, also had a genetics appointment today. I already knew this would be a bad experience. Brad and Kalen see different doctors in different systems for a reason. Kalen has more health problems and he is a patient at Texas Childrens for neuro and cardio. Brad is more severe with his Autism, so his old doctors was at hospital clinics. If he acts up, he already at a hospital. His latest dr and psych are closer to me, but in the same building for a change.

Since, I called transportation, I had to bring the car seat and stroller. Brad had to carry the car seat, which he left in the food court, while we was waiting on Kalen to pee in a bag, so we can go home. He also started screaming and calling me bitches because he was still hungry. I didn't have enough money to get him full, but something to satisfy him until we got home. Brad slammed doors in the bathroom. Not to mention, he did not let the drs touch him. Plus he got antsy when we was waiting for the ride home. The waiting room has a food cart. Good food, but no money. I called Transpo at 4 pm but they did not arrive until after 5, which was not good for me. At that moment, I wanted a husband or a drivers licence and a car. Once, I got home, after 7 p.m, Brad starts screaming for food, when I wanted peace and quiet and lots of sleep. Glad someone else had cooked. I went to wash clothes, write a few blog posts, and head to bed

The book teaches about letting go of anger and resentment, which I struggle with daily. I have to understand that I am not ok each day. I am tired of doing this special needs parenting alone with little to no physical support. I am sick of Brad screaming each morning because he has to get up and get ready for school. His constant screams because he doesn't care for soap or deodorant. The frustration, I feel, when Kalen bangs or slaps his head, when he doesn't get his way. The lack of sleep some days. Special needs parents have to find joy in the midst of constant chaos.

You can purchase the book on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback. The book is prime-eligible

Hanging on Book Blast (Write Now Literary Virtual Blog Tours)


Title: Hanging On by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind: Raw Faith

Author: Elizabeth Chalker

Paperback: 470 pages

Genre: Christian Non-Fiction

Format: Paperback/Kindle

About the author:

author photo
 Elizabeth Chalker is still in the furnace of life’s' calamities and fighting the good fight of faith and endurance, keeping her eyes on the prize of heaven. Before serious, physical illness devastated her body, Elizabeth was on the fast track as a successful psychologist and addictions specialist, working with violent juvenile offenders and their families, near completion of her third graduate degree. Her life is a testimony of faith that is steadfast and remains no matter the seemingly dark, unjust, and treacherous circumstances of life. She resides in Lighthouse Point, Florida. Elizabeth continues to minister to those in need and aspires to show God's glory through every breath she takes. This is a real life story of being in the fire, where I currently remain, where my heart for the Lord has become increasingly insatiable. A deepened intimacy has developed and continues to grow even through this very moment, and will continue beyond. As you read, this is my hope and prayer for you as well.

I have one book currently, “Hanging On by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind: Raw Faith”. This is a book that was written while still in the midst of trials with no promise for the suffering to end. It took 10 years to write while suffering serious, physical illness. My prayer for the book is to inspire individuals to self-examine and find their core; to realize that we are all children of God and therefore, one in Him. We tend to see life and our circumstances as if from under a quilt as it is being made, where all that is seen is a bunch of haphazard threads from our view. God’s view is from above where everything comes together and forms a beautiful and complete picture. My hope is also to encourage individuals to seek love and extend love. One of the most important messages of the book is to strengthen anyone who reads it, to cause him or her to embrace all of who he or she is, the parts we deem ‘dark’ and unacceptable as well as the parts we see as praiseworthy and pleasant. Most importantly, my hope is that the reader will embrace intimacy in relationship with God and realize that raw expression of heart, no matter how unacceptable to the world, is honorable in the eyes of God

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Marriage 101 Book Review (BookLook Bloggers)

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I review for BookLook Bloggers

I read Marriage 101, in exchange for honest review from Book Look Bloggers. The book was written by Shawn Ward.

I wanted to read this book as a tool for when I get married again. First marriage had its problems. Many I do not want to see again or repeat in any relationship. I started the book reading the chapter on divorced, widowed, children, step children, parents, step parents. I think this was the last chapter.

First thing, which stood out, was when a person marries someone with kids, they make a covenant with both the spouse and the kids. For me, I couldn't stand my stepkids. They didn't do anything wrong, but I was 19 and was under the assumption for most of the relationship and engagement, my ex did not have kids. Then, a few times during the marriage, the ex compared me to his older kids mother, based on sexual experiences (which caused many nightmares). I had limited experience when I met him. The ex was 5 years older, so he had more. If the kids came over, I acted out of obligation versus love. If they was hungry, they got fed.  Other than that, limited interaction. Doesn't help I am an introvert too. I admit I was glad I worked on a few times, they was visiting.

The book said that even though we have no biological bond to God, we are still his children. He still loves us and takes care of us. He is a big part of our lives. If God's love can bridge a gap, we can bridge a gap between relatives, whether biological or not.

As I got older and had my own kids, I realized, I would want my future husband to interact with the kids. I can't do this alone. Maturity set in.

The chapter after that, discussed how husbands/wifes need importance in our lives. Sometimes the spouses put the kids first and block out the person, they married. I thought about how my kids will take center stage a lot. The meltdowns, the tantrums, the breath-holding spells, the doctor appointments, the calls from school, the ARD/IEP meetings, at times will take priority over the spouse. The kids will require lifelong care as well. Ward said spouses should be put first and made to feel first.

Finally, I will discuss the chapter on a house being out of order. My former marriage was out of order. I have no clue why us two got married in the first place. So many red flags. So many things ignored before and during the marriage.

One of the first ways, a marriage can be out of order, is allowing the wife to influence the husband to stray from his God-given duties. The book gave the example of Moses, who did not circumcise his son. One cause may have been his wife may not have wanted him to. Moses knew it was right to circumcise his son, but chose a different path. Adam also ate the apple, following behind Eve.

Parents also have a responsibility to teach their kids about God. If not, Ward called this neglect. Your house is out of order. One of the main reasons, I found a church home in Houston was for my kids to know God, in their own way. When I had moved back to Texas, I had no desire to go to my mother's church. It's not a bad church, but it wasn't for me anymore. I spent Sundays watching the Church of Evangelistic Television. I loved Joel Osteen and Kerry Shook. Once, I got preggie with Kalen and Brad moved to Texas, I had to find a church home, more so for them, than me.

You can purchase the book on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. The book is prime-eligible.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Go Chalk It Chalk Markers review (Tomoson)

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I received Go Chalk It Chalk Markers, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The markers are great for arts and crafts or even writing to do lists on your desk, like I do. When you complete a task, then you just erase. I also like how my sons can't figure out how to use them.

Maybe you want to design a mug or your desk top. Maybe you want to design a logo on glass. The markers start out wet but dries quickly. You get 8 colors in the package (orange, purple, pink, green, yellow, white, red, and blue).

To use, you remove the cap and press down gently until the ink (chalk) reaches the tip. Then, you can use. Once you start using the markers, it gets a little harder to tell when the ink reaches the tip. Just hold down the tip on a surface until you see ink on the surface.

You can purchase Go Chalk It Markers, using the link above. The markers are prime-eligible.

The Adventures of Brooklet and the Magical Monkey Pants Book Review (Tomoson)

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I read Children's Book: The Adventures of Brooklet and the Magical Monkey Pants: Book One, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The book was written by BK Wallace and illustrated by KL Lockwood.

The book is about Brooklet, a bratty little girl, who doesn't want to go to sleep. She wants to try on her new monkey pants, but she doesn't know they are magical. She tries them on and goes on a magical journey through the magical forest, where she learns an important lesson.

The book has similarities to the movie, Coraline, where Coraline wasn't happy with the status quo, so she goes on a weird journey with her other mother, until she realizes an important life lesson and wants to come home.

You can purchase the book on Amazon in Kindle format only. Prime members can borrow the book for free, while Kindle Unlimited Readers can read the book for free.

The best advice a tubby turtle can get Book Review (Tomoson)

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I read The Best Advice a Tubby Turtle Can Get:, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The book was written by Ayala Raz.

The book is about Toby the turtle, who is too fat from eating snacks and sweets all day long. His mother called in all sorts of interesting experts to help Toby fit into his shell better. The best advice came from an older turtle. With the older turtle's advice, Toby learns to fit into his shell.

After the story ends, there are some creative ways to get kids to eat healthy foods, such as the tangerine lion or the pear chicken.

You can purchase the book on Amazon in Kindle format only, using the link above.

Abigail and the North Pole Book Review (Tomoson)

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links and Images

I read ABIGAIL and the North Pole Adventure, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The book was written by Tali Carmi and illustrated by Neda Fuchedzhieva.

The book is about Abigail, who goes on a magical journey to the North Pole, on a magical bike. No one knows the secret of the magical bike except her and her grandpa. In this edition, Grandpa and Grandma comes to visit Abigail and Grandpa brings the bike.

Abigail meets penguins and eskimos. She goes ice fishing and saves an animal.

You can purchase the book on Amazon, using the link above, in Kindle format only . You also can purchase other Abigail books such as Abigail and the Jungle Adventure or Abigail and the Sahara Adventure