Blogging Terms and Definitions

Every now and then, someone asks me about blogging and I try my best to explain the ins and outs of blogging, paid reviews, and free reviews. Here are some common terms, I have had to explain in my own words.

  1. Blog: A place where you can write your thoughts, concerns, and reviews. Some blogging platforms include Blogger, WordPress, and Tumbler. You also can pay for hosting via Go Daddy or any other hosting site. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Do some research and figure out what is best for you. 
  2. Twitter: This wonderful place where you can share your thoughts, links, ideas in 140 characters or less. Characters include symbols, punctuation, etc. Having a twitter account can definitely increase your influence, especially when doing reviews. I connect my blogger to bloglovin, which is connected to the facebook fan page, which is connected to twitter. All my thoughts end up on twitter, including my profile page. 
  3. Facebook Fan Page: You can create a page on Facebook, which will be focused on your blog, thoughts about your blog, random thoughts, ideas, contests, reviews, etc. 
  4. Klout: This is not a blog resource, but it can help build your brand and also they send perks, depending on your influence. You can get your followers, blogger buddies, and friends to give you K's, which can increase your influence in certain areas. Some perks I have received included Blue Bunny Ice cream with an ice cream scoop, free movie screenings, a magazine subscription, and Fair Trade Chocolate. 
  5. Google Analytics: When you apply for some campaigns, some companies want to know your numbers. Some of these numbers include unique monthly visitors, total visits, and page views. One way to get these numbers is Google Analytics ( You can sign up for Analytics using your Google Account, if you already have one, or sign up fresh. Then, through a process I can't remember, you claim your blog and then install a tracking code on your blog to track your stats. I would recommend installing Analytics on all blogs, even if you are not doing ads and reviews yet. I did the same for Celibacy Diaries to be prepared just in case. 
  6. Google Page Rank:  Your page is ranked from 1 to 5. 
  7. Alexa: Your page is also ranked by Alexa. ( Some campaigns require you be a certain Alexa ranking or within a certain Alexa range  to be selected. There is a US page rank and a global page rank. 
  8. Pinterest: This is a great site, where you can organize your pins, or images  to boards. You can set up a business or personal account. I started off as a personal account, but I now have a business account. My boards include books I reviewed, products I reviewed, Cute sayings, beautiful things, and all the boards I dedicated to my love to Amazon free books. 
  9. Disclosure: When you do a free or paid review for a company, you need to include a simple disclosure statement.  I received XYZ, in exchange for honest review from Company LMNOP. All opinions are my own. The disclosure is part of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) laws. You are not obligated to post a positive review because you got the product or book for free. Post a negative review if the product is not up to par, but there is a way to post negative, without going overboard. For example, I reviewed Product XYZ for Company LMNOP. The product did not come with instructions, in addition to missing screws and parts. I went to the company website and found a video with installation. I also requested new screws. The company was very helpful in resolving my concerns.  This review is a lot better than  I received Product XYZ from Company LMNOP. The product sucked. The company needs to be burned to the ground. I will never ever ever shop or frequent this company again and I ask yall not to do the same. BOYCOTT @@@@%%%%*** Cuss word here cuss word there cuss word everywhere
  10. Sverve:  This great product campaign for women. Not sure if they accept men or not. Your blogger buddies and friends can endorse you based on your skills, similar to Klout. You also can apply for campaigns. Some of my Sverve campaigns included The Blog Workshop, Geekatoo, and Tee Spring. These are paid campaigns. Not all pay a flat rate.  Some are affiliate and commission based. 
  11. Influenster: Another great site to review products. You can leave a review on different products and books, but you can also qualify for campaigns. My previous campaigns included Palmolive and the Spring Vox Box (which contained a beautiful Tasty Kake and beauty supplies (nail and hair care). Next, you can earn expert badges in 5 areas. Choose Carefully. Once you are selected for a campaign, you do campaign activities, like doing a box unveil on youtube or liking a page on facebook. 
  12. BzzAgent: Another great product review site. Some campaigns I have been chosen for include Kroger Yogurt Smoothie Bars, Dr. Scholls Massaging in-soles, Private Selection, and Bedhead.  To get selected for campaigns, you can fill out surveys. I got survey happy and completed all available surveys within 24 hours. Once you get selected for a campaign, you do campaign activities. such as posting to Facebook or Twitter. Or maybe you told a few folks about a campaign. You can get credit for that. You also have an icon next to campaigns. He starts off sad, but as you do more campaigns, he gets happy. 
  13. Smiley 360: Another product review and campaign site. You get selected based on surveys. Once selected, you can do activities to promote the campaign, similar to BzzAgent and Influenster. 
  14. Bloggerdise: This is a great resource I found recently. You sign up. You can go searching for companies to review. It takes a minute because I found some companies have not updated their email in a minute. Mailer Daemon will be your friend for some companies. You read the ads and contact the companies directly. You also can sign up for the big facebook and twitter follow list. 

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