Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Writer's Platform

I read the Writers Platform by Austin Briggs. I won the book through a Librarything giveaway. I chose the book because I am a writer (short stories and poetry) and have low sales. I do not have a marketing plan to increase sales. I have no idea how to increase sales. I was glad when I got notified, I won a copy of the book.

The book discussed building a good writer's platform within 30 days, using social media only. I don't have to buy multiple copies of my print books. I don't have to start doing public speaking (not feeling that). I am not buying a review (those should be free). The process is not easy--it will require work. The book does not discuss illegal or shady ways to increase sales--loved reading that page of the book. I have seen so many websites, got plenty of emails, and seen books--where you attempt to earn a quick buck by spending hundreds and hundreds of your own money. I am a broke writer. I write for fun, but there is nothing like a sale. I already feel like the odds are against me because I am not a novelist. Takes more work to sell poetry and short stories, than a novelist. I have a blog, facebook fan page, pinterest, twitter, and google plus. I am in writing groups, writer's books, and promotion-based groups on facebook, library thing, and book blogs.

I been skimming through the book for about two weeks--to see if the information is worth taking an in-depth look at--and it is. The author focuses on techniques to improve your brand, pricing, and blogging. The books need to be the right price. The authors also need to watch what they say online, which can affect sales. If you are negative, then people may not buy your book. Briggs also discusses developing a website and a blog. All of this does not start without defining goals first. What do you expect from writing this book? What kind of income do you want? How many people do you need to buy your book, based on income?

There is also a great chapter on social media. Facebook and twitter are a must for writers. There is also Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest. Every follower is a potential buyer or promoter of your brand. We, as writers, need to update posts on a regular basis. We also need to develop goals for social media as well. Another note: Do not just post "buy my book" only because it gets boring and redundant. Post humor, opinions, and other content as well. You also can use facebook ads to attract new followers to your pages. Social media also allows networking with publishers, editors, and other writers.

Finally, the book discusses finding a good editor; formatting the book; choosing the right format for the book; guest posting; blog tours (which I have done for other authors); cross promotions; author associations; book bonuses; and review exchanges (i review your book and you review my book). The book also has a 90 day calendar to increase the book's and the author's brand. Each day is laid out with tips and techniques.

The book was simple to read, not too complicated. Not a lot of big words, you need a dictionary for.  I liked it. definitely will work on developing goals and start using the book to improve my brand.

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