Monday, November 30, 2015

Secret Garden #AdultColoringBook Review (Tomoson)

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I received Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns, in exchange for honest review. The book also came with a sheet of stickers. For me, I need a creative outlet to relieve stress, whether writing, playing a game, or even coloring. I have coloring pencils and gel ink markers for my adult coloring books. The paper in the book is not thick but the colors do not bleed through.

Each page has intricate designs of various objects. You have the tiniest leaves on trees and plenty of leaves on flowers. There is even one page, which says continue the vine, which gives you an opportunity to be imaginative and creative. The book also has a built in treasure hunt as well

You can order the book in paperback format only on Amazon. The book is not prime-eligible.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Pretty Princesses Pretend Play Toy Review (Tomoson)

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I received the Pretty Princesses Pretend Toy, in exchange for honest review. I wanted this for my niece, who needs her own toys. Since Kalen has a lot of toys, both toddlers tend to share a lot, instead of buying her toys, which are appropriate for her and for her only.

The kit came with a hand mirror, a brush, hair rollers, pretend eye shadow, earrings, hair accessories, a watch, etc. things my niece would enjoy. On the downside, she managed to break the brush quickly. The earrings also fell apart when I tried to clip them on her ear. I was able to put those back together. The mirror also separated from the holder, wihch was also easy to put back together.

You can purchase the kit, using the link above. The play set is prime-eligible.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#LukeWeil How to blog a book review (Tomoson)

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I read Luke Weil's How To Monetize A Small Blog, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. When I first started blogging, I never thought about making money from the blog. I just wrote my thoughts down, then eventually I added on book reviews, product reviews, and the occasional giveaway. I have made a little money from affiliate links and sponsored posts, but not enough to make a living from.

When I tell people, I am a blogger, one of the number one questions concerns making money. Some people seem to think blogs are this automatic source of wealth, not knowing the bigger blogs have to put work into generating cash. Not everyone will click on your affiliate link or purchase the book, you been working on about blogging. And no, just because I got a product for free (and I love free things) doesn't mean the company paid me too.

In Weil's book, he discusses methods to generate an income from a small blog. He first discusses how you need to plan on making a profit from the start. You have to think in advance about potential sources of income. Some ways, you can make money, include affiliate links and sponsored content, as I have said. You can post content or post banners and links, which generate cash. Of course, no matter, how you make income, disclose the fact, you are using potential money generating content on your blog.

Another way to generate cash is direct advertising, which can be used in side bar ads, banners, and text links. Tip: Don't overdo it on the banners and text links. I know I don't want to see a heavily linked blog post. Make sure to choose banners and links based on what your audience wants and needs.

Next, sponsored content is when you get paid to post something on your site. Sometimes you may get paid in cash, other times in product. I am a member of US Family Guide Bloggers Program. When I post about their events and products, I am supposed to also receive tickets to the event or the product. Blog Dash is another site I have used. When I posted about Ginger Beer, it was a sponsored post.

Then, you can use an advertising network, such as Adsense. Some of the advertising networks do require you to pay per ad created. You also can include affiliate links in your post. Some affiliate links pay you per click and some pay you per sale. I use Amazon Affiliates program when doing blogs posts for products sold on Amazon. If you are interested in the product, you can click on the link to read the listing, read the reviews, or you may decide to purchase the product. It is always good to link to the product, book, or service, even if it is not an affiliate link.

Finally, the author discussed using mailing lists to generate income, which I didn't know you could do. I read blog mailing lists for reviews, sales, and other interesting content, but I never thought about the bloggers may be making money when I click on a link. Weil discusses how companies can buy ad space on the mailing lists. The author also recommends not using the mailing list just to generate income. Include content as well.

You can purchase the book in paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited format. The book is prime-eligible.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Majestic Bombay Precision Tweezer Set Review (Tomoson)

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I received Majestic Bombay Precision Tweezer Set, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The set comes with a carrying case, 3 pairs of tweezers, and 1 pair of nail scissors. The items are made from stainless steel.

The tweezers are titanium blue. You will get pointed tweezers, straight tweezers, and slant tip tweezers. I use tweezers mostly for plunking those 2 or 3 chin hairs, which pop up from time to time.

The nail scissors also come in handy for removing those annoying hangnails and cuticle. You also can use the tweezers and scissors for bikini lines, eye brows, nose hairs, and other annoying hairs on the body, like knuckle hair.

You can purchase the tweezer set, using the link above. The set is prime-eligible.

Little Miss Overshare Book Review (Blogging for Books)

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I received Little Miss Overshare: A Parody (Little Miss and Mr. ME ME ME), in exchange for honest review from Blogging for Books. The book was written by Dan Zevin. I had previously read Mr. Selfie , which is about a man, who was addicted to selfies and his selfie stick.

Little Miss Overshare overshares too much information. She overshares from c-sections to cialis. Her oversharing runs in the family, except for her sister, Miss Undershare. She overshares information to her roommate and her co-workers about everything, including urinary tract infections. The book is a quick read. I was laughing from the first page.

I need to give my mother a copy of the book because she overshares her digestion issues.

You can purchase the book on Amazon in Kindle or paperback format. Check out the other books in the series as well.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Qutee Women's Boot Socks Review (Tomoson)

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I received The Qutee Women's Boot Socks, Knee High Socks, Leg Warmers (One Size Fit All, Black), in exchange for honest and unbiased review.

The socks also come in beige, brown, ivory, tan, and grey.

The socks have a fishnet-ish effect on the legs, with a lace feature on the top. The socks have buttons on the side, which can be unbuttoned.

The socks are comfortable and I haven't had any issues with the socks rollin down.

You can purchase the socks, using the link above. The socks are not prime-eligible. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish Review

I received Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish in exchange for honest review. Del Sol's polishes changes colors in the sun. For example, the pink polish in the picture, turns into a blue.

When I went out into the sun, I noticed tints of blue on my nails, but not a full blue. I walked my son to school. I also walked around the neighborhood and part of the way to a church event. I am not sure how much sun exposure you need to get a full color change. I rarely go out and don't get a lot of sun, except walking back and forth to the mailbox.

Del Sol uses spectrachrome crystals to help change the polish with sunlight. They have used this technology with clothing, sunglasses, and with nail polish.

The crystals are hypoallergenic.

Del Sol has created over 300 colors, which change when exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet rays. The sun helps expose the other colors to the naked eye.

You can purchase any of Del Sol's products using the link above.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Enjoying Teas Gourmet Tea 6 Pack Review (Tomoson)

I received Enjoying Teas 6 pack of assorted teas. I received an apple spice black tea; a provence rooibos; young ripe puerh tea; longevity brow; anxi benshan oolong, and a chun mee green tea. The teas come in a small canister. The teas are best for infusing. I used either my tea infuser bottle or a regular water infuser bottle. The teas are loose leaf form instead of bagged.

I loved the apple spice the most. You can smell the apple, as soon as you open the can. It tasted beautiful as well. The website sells a variety of teas in various formats, whether you want a single tea, a tea cup, or even a sampler set (8 teas included), such as the fruit flavored black tea sampler set. The teas also come in various sizes. The apple spice tea, for example, comes in 4 oz, 8oz, and 16oz (1lb) sizes.

You can use the code “tmpr15a” to get 10% off your teas on the website.

Monday, November 16, 2015

BrickSwag Subscription Box (US Family Guide Bloggers Program)

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by US Family Guide Bloggers Program. I will receive a subscription box for participation.

Do you or your kids love Legos? BrickSwag is the #1 membership site for Lego Fans. Each month, you or your child will receive official lego box subscription box to build and keep; an exclusive t--shirt; Build magazine; Funky Fig trading cards, and more.

You can receive 20% off BrickSwag subscription with the code FAM20. Offer expires 11/20/15

BrickSwag is the #1 membership for LEGO fans. Each month includes official LEGO kits to build and keep, exclusive t-shirt, Build magazine, Funky Fig trading cards, and more surprises.

Natural Bridge Caverns Review (US Family Guide)

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by US Family Guide Bloggers Program. I received 4 tickets to go to the caverns. My mother also bought 4 extra tickets to cover the other relatives.

My mother wanted to plan a family trip this year. Last year, we took a cruise to the Bahamas via Carnival. This year, she wanted to go to San Antonio, Texas. I asked if she was going to SA, then I want to go to take my kids to Morgan's Wonderland, a special needs park. Last time the kids and I went (2012), Kalen was not walking yet and didn't do anything.

My mother started researching places, she wanted to go, but realized she got in over her head. She wanted to go to the petting zoo, Ripley's, the safari (across from Natural Bridge Caverns) and a few other places, including the Caverns.  She didn't realize how much it will cost for at least 5 ppl to visit these places. She asked for my  help with discounts. I just happen to see the Natural Bridge Caverns on US Family Guide and requested tickets.

I wasn't sure how my kids would react in the caverns. I have been to the Tennessee Caverns before, but that was with my ex husband only. They did good for the most part. Some tips for the caverns include: bring water, prepare to sweat, and take your time walking. The caverns can get hot at times. Some of the pathways are also slippery. Make sure to bring some good walking shoes. Also, make sure your camera or camcorders is charged. I was glad I bought a power bank because my phone went dead in the caverns and I forgot my camcorder charger at home. You will experience a guided tour, but still take your time and walk at your own pace. The caverns does have some steep up and down ramps. I got a good workout, especially with Kalen in a carrier, mostly sleep. Brad also did a good job in the caverns.

The Natural Bridge Caverns has a lot of activities for families to do. From the caverns, a food court, and a ziplining course. The caverns  have different tours available such as the lantern tour, where you travel the caves with a lantern light. Maybe you want to pan for fossils and gems or go spelunking.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

#CulinaryCouture Oven Gloves

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I received Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves Set - Use for Hot Surfaces , Oven , BBQ , Grilling - Flame Retardant Kevlar Provides 662F Protection - Bonus Ebook - XL, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson.

The gloves are big enough for my hands. The gloves also have a good grip. The outside of the gloves has little grip dots all over the palms. The gloves are great for pulling out oddly shaped pans and bigger pans. I had no issues with the gloves.

You can purchase the gloves, using the link above. The gloves are prime-eligible.

#SkorchMessengerBag Review (Tomoson)

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I received SKORCH Canvas Messenger Bags and Commuter Bags for Men and Women, with Comfortable Shoulder Straps (Brown), in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The bag is a great way to carry the basics when going to and from kids doctor appointments or even church to carry the essentials. I love the wide strap, which is great for my shoulders. Thin straps for me, break easily.  The bag can be worn on the front, back, or cross body. The bag also has deep pockets for your water bottle or even snacks.

You can purchase the bag on Amazon, using the link above. The bag is prime-eligible.

#KidsPianoMat Review (Tomoson)

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I received the Click N' Play Gigantic Keyboard with 24 Keys, 8 Musical Instruments & Play/Record/Playback/Demo Modes, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson.

You will need a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. The piano comes with a record, demo, play, and playback mode. It also has 8 instrument sounds included: guitar, piano, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, violin, banjo, and xylophone. The kids had fun making noises on the piano. The only issue was when the batteries started going dead, the piano started to play on its own. The piano is touch sensitive.

The piano has 24 keys and it comes in jumbo size. You will need a big space to lay it out.

You can purchase the piano, using the link above. The piano is prime-eligible.