Friday, March 22, 2013

Sexual Feelings in the air

Sexual feelings in the air-------sexual feelings--in the air

I think it is hook up season. Time for dating. Time for sex. Time for new adventures. I been getting hit up on POF and Badoo, with more incompatible people, than ever before. Some of these men are willing to ignore my disclaimers and settle for less.

My disclaimers:

1. I have herpes since October 2004
2. I am celibate. I have no interest in having sex at this moment. I have a low sex drive.
3. I am fixed. I have two kids. I do not desire more.

and trying to explain all three is hard, hard work, especially the celibate part. Why you not having sex? When you plan on starting back? Can you wait for me to be the first? Can I just lick the coo? Can I just suck the breasts?

NO NO AND HELL NO. If I have sex with some random dude, what is going to stop me from having sex with another random dude and so forth and so on? What is going to stop my addiction from coming back?

Nothing irritates me more than some man, trying to get booty, when I have little to no interest. Starting to think men don't read profiles.

I am not interested in dating right now. I don't want sex. I don't want a relationship. I am not mentally ready. I am trying to work on having more balance in my life--not cause any more problems. I know I want companionship, but that requires stepping outside my comfort zone--and I am not ready for that either.

On another note: Brad's puberty is getting on my nerves. I need more male support in this area. I posted an ad on craigslist for advice from special needs fathers. Some advice was actually helpful. and the rest--wish i could report some folks. Some grown--ass men actually suggested I teach my son about sex and puberty by

  1. Watching porn with my son (HELL NO)
  2. Masturbating my son to help him get a release (HELL NO)
  3. Buying him sex toys, such as dildos (HELL NO)
  4. Finding him a sex partner (HELL NO)
  5. Having sex with my son (HELL NO HELL NO HELL NO). 
One dude, even sent a pic of his package. Another dude, stated that CL is for sex only. All ads lead to sex, even the jobs. Even though, I posted in a non-sex section, I should expect dudes will want sex. If I wanted sex, I know where to post. I also know who to call and Im not calling anyone on CL. I don't think any of these men, had kids, let alone special needs kids. No good father in his right mind, would suggest touching a child inappropriately, especially when they are special needs. That may cause additional mental damage to my son, and who knows how God will punish me for my sins. Children should be protected and loved, not harmed. 

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