Friday, March 1, 2013

10 questions kids ask about sex

I read 10 questions, kids ask about sex, in exchange for review from Netgalley. The book was written by Bill and Pam Farrel. The Book was also published by Harvest House Publishers.

The book provides guidance on how to answer sex-related questions. Topics include sex, gender, and babies. The book is written from a biblical perspective, with bible verses given for each topic. The book encourages honest, positive, comprehensive communication.

The book also discusses how parents do not want to talk to kids about sensitive topics. Parents want to be liked and be cool. Parents need to pray, listen, and talk in a calm manner when having difficult conversations. Conversations should also be held in a mutual place.

The book is a good book, but the first part lost me at times. It discusses God and parenting, but I got a little confused. For example, it talked about Jesus being a hero and how parents should be Christ-centered, which is true, but I didn't see how it correlated to sex. I read the first pages a few times to gain understanding. The book also provided the definition of love and marriage. Overall, the book had good information, but some sections lacked flow.

The book also discussed sex statistics for students (abortions, rapes, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancies).

Parents are responsible for teaching kids sex education and teach them God's purpose for sex:

  1. (procreation (reproduction)
  2. recreation (emotionally, physically, spiritually)
  3. marriage
  4. rejuvenation (emotional and physical wellness). 
  5. proclamation (love and commitment). 

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