Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It is hook-up season, I thinks. People want a relationship. Want a boyfriend, girlfriend, or old-fashioned booty buddy. People don't want to be alone. but, I have noticed a trend. Some people want to date anyone, despite compatibility issues. It's just not the little things, but the big things. Little things like, they like mayo and you like mustard. Things, that flash a pointed sign above your head "DO NOT DATE HER (or him)."

  1. They want biological kids. You are fixed. You have enough kids. The thought of having another frightens the hell out of you. I do not want to be a regret later. 
  2. They want sex. I rather chop off an leg and feed it to the kids. They didn't read the part where I said I am celibate. They want to send pics of the penis and think it will change my mind. 
  3. They want a relationship--where I stated clearly--not interested. They are persistent in their dealings, but it annoys the hell out of me. Develop a friendship first. 
  4. They forgot to read the I have herpes disclaimer--which I don't know how they missed--It is near the I am celibate and fixed disclaimer :-)
  5. They believe in anything but God. I am trying to learn more and develop a relationship with my father, creator, Lord, and savior. 
Stop settling for potential relationships, which has a high chance of failure at the beginning. You can't make someone want to be with you. You can't change anyone. Stop ignoring the big things and thinking a relationship will still work. I ignored the big things when I was younger, stupider, and naive. I got married at 19. Plenty of red flags and I chose to ignore them, even though they bothered me big time. Save the time, pain, BS, and tear-stained tissues and find someone, who will like, love, and be with you. Someone, who is God-sent, ordained, and compatible. 

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