Friday, March 29, 2013

Freedom from Worry

I read Freedom from Worry, in exchange for review from The book was written by Patricia Wilson and published by Upper Room Ministries. 

I started the book a few weeks ago. Read the first section. Then, realized I needed a bible. I have the bible on Kindle and on the Kindle Cloud. Kindle had issues and so did the cloud. Did not occur to me to pull up a bible online (dummy).

I chose the book because I do worry a lot. I worry about the kids. I worry about school. I worry for the sake of worrying.

The book is a 28-day bible study on worry. Will be great for small-group bible study or Sunday school. Definitely thinking of getting the paperback or kindle edition.

The book is simple to read and easy to understand. Each chapter is also two pages. The book teaches us about giving our worries to God. This brings peace and freedom versus bondage and slavery.

The book has a good introduction. The first section hit me on the head: Are you already worrying you won't make it through the book? Each section has a reading section, reflection, prayer, and mediation. If you have the paperback, you have a place to write your prayer.

I also downloaded another ARC (advanced reader copy) from Netgalley. I been skimming through the book and  I like it, but it is time to put like to action. I need to give a lot of my worries to God.

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