Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#HurricaneHarvey How to Help

Information updated a few times a day.
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Uber is offering free rides to shelters
  • Houston is under a "white code" ,which means to hang a white sheet or shirt outside your window so you can be seen. 
  • Houston Emergency Information
  • Boil water notice for certain areas. 
  • If you are evacuating, don't forget your medications. Also, if you have allergies and food sensitivities, grab food and snacks, which you can eat. 
  • Bring diapers, wipes, baby food, extra clothes for the babies. 
  • Don't forget adult diapers and wipes for incontinent adults. 
  • Females: don't forget menstrual supplies: pads, tampons, or cups. 
  • For special needs kids, bring a favorite toy or device to keep them calm. 
  • Do not go into the attic. The rescuers can not rescue people from the attic. Get on the roof. Wave white flags. Be seen. If you need help, please call out your phone number, address, number of adults needing rescue, number of kids needing rescue, number of pets needing rescue, and if you need medical assistance.
  • If it is a medical emergency, call the coast guard at 202-372-2100
  • Bring your wall chargers, power banks, cords for phones, laptops. 
  • If you have Facebook access, please mark yourself safe if you are in a safe place. 
  • Houston has a curfew from 12 am to 5 am in some areas. . Please stay inside, if you can
  • Carry cash, if you can. Many atms are out of order and banks are in flood zones.
  • Stock up on food, which does not need cooking. Bring a can opener and a few dishes. Pop-tops are a good option.
  • Bring your sleeping bags and mats. Bring a yoga mat if you have to.  
  • Use the Zello app, if you want to help and out of state. It is a walkie-talkie app. Houston is using the app for coordination during the storm. Google Play Itunes
  • Do not return home until it is safe to do so. Monitor the weather and traffic, if you can. 
  • Do not drive on flooded roads. 
  • Information about HIV/AIDS Medications in Texas
  • Social Security offices in some areas may be closed. Most of Houston's offices opened back up Wednesday Sept. 6. Expect long lines. Phones must be on vibrate. No food or drink in office. No loitering around after your visit. 

Lynn Gomes, LLC is excited to partner with Gibson Lupus Resource Center and other local businesses for the Harvey Aftermath Relief Program!. We are accepting donations of all kinds to help assist Houstonians that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. We need volunteers if you are in the Houston area to help with sorting, boxing, and distribution. All donations are tax deductible.
Contact (832) 933-0850 for more information!!

Helpful Links:

Multiservice Centers, which are open for evacuees. 

  • Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center
    • 6402 Market Street
    • Houston Texas 77020
    • 832.395.0895
  • Fifth Ward Multi-Service Center
    • 4014 Market Street
    • Houston, Texas 77020
    • 832.393.3800
  • Sunnyside Multi-Service Center
    • 9314 Cullen
    • Houston, Texas 77051
    • 832.395.0069
  • Third Ward Multi-Service Center
    • 3611 Ennis Street
    • Houston, Texas 77004
    • 832.393.4051
  • West End Multi-Service Center
    • 170 Heights Blvd
    • Houston, Texas 77007
    • 832.393.5950
  • John Peavy Senior Center
    • 3814 Market Street
    • Houston, Texas 77020
  • Kashmere Gardens Branch Library
    • 5411 Pardee
    • Houston, Texas 77026

Staging Places, until People are Moved to a Shelter

  • Fallbrook Church
    • 12512 Walters
    • Houston, Texas 77014
  • Lyndale United Church
    • 503 Reeid
    • Houston, Texas 77002
  • MD Anderson YMCA
    • 705 Cavalcade
    • Houston, Texas 77009
  • Trotter Family YMCA
    • 1331 Augusta Drive
    • Houston, Texas 77057
  • Community of Faith Church
    • 1024 Pinemont Drive
    • Houston, Texas 77091
  • M.O. Campbell Education Center
    • 1865 Aldine Bender Rd.
    • Houston, Texas 77032
  • YMCA at Calvalcade
    • 705 Cavalcade St.
    • Houston, TX 77009
  • Northshore High School - 9th Grade Campus
    • 13501 Hollypark Dr.
  • Westside High School
    • 14201 Briar Forest
  • Paul Revere Middle School
    • 10502 Briar Forest
  • Opening Soon
    • Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road
  • Closed
    • The Chinese Community Center on Town Park Drive is no longer being used as a shelter due to flooding. 


  • League City
    • H-E-B 2755 E. League City Pkwy, League City, 77573
  • Friendswood 
    • City Activity Building. 416 Morning Side Dr. 
  • Tomball
    • First Baptist Church 401 Oxford St.
  • Brazoria County
    • 1900 N. Downing. Need ID to enter the shelter
    • Red Cross. Cafeteria of Living Stones Church: 1407 Victory Lane. The Red Cross will not take animals unless crated. 
  • Fort Bend County
    • Red Cross Shelter. Sacred Heart Church. 507 South Fourth Street, Richmond, Texas.
  • Galveston County
    • Abundant Life Christian Center. 601 Delandy Road in La Marque, beginning at 1:30 pm Friday. Residents need to have id, medication, and other necessities for a few days. 
  • Harris County 
    • Salvation Army: Harbor Light Center for men. 2407 N. Main. 
    • Sally's house for women: 1717 Congress Ave
    • Family Residence: 1603 McGowen St. 
    • Star of Hope Mens' Shelter: 1811 Ruiz St. Women's and families shelter are full 
    • Crosby Middle School in Crosby ISD will offer temporary shelter for flood victims at 10:00 Sunday. Red Cross will help operate shelter and provide funding but they will not be there. 
    • American Legion Hall. Crosby. 14980 FM 2100
  • Liberty County
    • Calvary Baptist Church: 816 North Blair, Cleveland, Texas.
    • Red Cross: Living Stones Church in Alvin, at 1407 Victory Lane.
  • Montgomery County
    • Conroe: Red Shield Lodge at 304 Avenue E
  • Pasadena
    • Dobie High School. Assistance available on the gym side. 
    • Golden Acres Baptist Church, 2812 Pansy St in Pasdena.
    • Pasadena HS, 206 S Shaver

Helpful Numbers:

  • Houston PD: 713-884-3131 
  • CenterPoint: 713-695-2111 
  • Texas Emergency Assistance Hotline: 1-877-541-7905 
  • Harris County Office of Emergency Management: 713-881-3100 
  • FEMA: 1-800-535-0321 
  • Houston TranStar: 713-881-3244 
  • CAJUN NAVY: 281-898-3016 ←-can someone confirm this number 
  • Text SHELTER (zipcode) to 433-62 or FEMA shelters in your area 
  • Evacuation routes – 1-800-452-9292 
  • Roadside assistance – 800-525-555 
  • Gas leaking – 713-659-211 or 888-876-5786 
  • Power outage – 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143
  • (832)776- 4587
  • (281)464-4851
  • (713)426-9404..TEXAS
  • Houston officials calling for public with boats and high-water vehicles to assist with rescues, if possible: 713-881-3100
  • Harris County Residential Debris and Damage Assessment Hotline 713-274-3880

Friday, August 25, 2017

FotoJet Designer Review

I received FotoJet Designer for Windows software for review. The software is also available online and on Mac.FotoJet is a graphic designer, collage maker, and photo editor.

I have used different editors over the years, such as Pic Monkey and Canva. I thought FotoJet software (online and Windows) had a similar look and feel to Canva. The software was easy to use.

You can create Facebook cover photos, Instagram layouts, collages, and my favorite, magazine covers.

Some areas, I strugged with. For example, You can use pre-designed templates to create designs. I had issues, at first, editing the text and photos in the templates. I had to click in the text box, multiple times, to edit the text box. For photos, I had to hold the photo over the photos in the template, until it automatically swapped out. It took a few tries and designs to figure it out.

Another issue, I had was the software froze a few times and I had to restart. I lost one design because of the freeze. I recommend saving as you make progress in your designs. You can load up projects but I wasnt sure where the projects was stored. Final saves were stored in the photos album.

Next, you can upload photos from your pc or from Facebook. You can connect your account. Fotojet pulled up a sample of my photos in each album, in no particular order. You also can share designs on social media using the app.

Other features include a built-in clip art and photo library. The app also has different shapes, fonts, and templates. The image above was created by searching for flowers in the photo library. I also used a predesigned template.

FotoJet Online

I discovered FotoJet online when I went to look up a tutorial. I saw a design on a template, I liked, and wanted to see if there was tips on how to recreate it. With the online version, you can still design and edit, but there are premium (paid) features. You can create an account to log in and play around with the designs. The premium features are marked with a crown. 

Premium features include advanced editing; the ability to save designs; access to more clipart, frames, overlays, fonts and templates. 

The subscription costs 4.99 per month or 34.99 per year.