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Chocolate Kisses

Conversations Part 1

  • Paperback
  • Kindle

Conversations Part 2 (kindle)
Conversing with Salvation
Conversing with Normality
Love.Lust.Life.  (paperback and Kindle)

Conversing with Sexuality. 


Log into your good reads account. Enter the title or author name in the search box. once you have found the book, click on it. you can rate the book on this page.  Click on "read the book" and a pop-up, will ask you about reviewing the book.

You can also go to the books page, go to the my review tab, and click edit.


Log into your shelfari account. Search for a book by name or author. Once you have located the book, click on add. A box will pop up where you can rate and review the book.


If you are a member of library thing, you will need to add my books to your profile. First, click on the add books tab. Then type in the name of my book or my name into the search box. Books will pop up on the opposite side. Scroll through the list until you find the correct book. Click on the link. The book will be added to the top of the recently added list. Click on quick edit. you can rate the book, tag the book,  and leave a review.

you have to purchase the book before you can review the book. I can generate a code, in exchange for review. Once the book is purchased, there is a review link at the end of each page.

Chocolate Kisses
Conversing with Normality
Conversing with Salvation

1 comment:

  1. Hello Stacie -
    I stopped by your blog to say, "Thank You!" I truly appreciate:
    (1) YOU for taking the time to review my book; and
    (2) For your detailed review of my book. Your review brought me to tears! Even if people never read my book, I pray they read your review and learn a little more than they did before about Child Sexual Abuse.
    Thanks Again,
    Yvette Allen-Tatum, Author
    I Didn't Know


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