Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn

I read the Gospel of Yes, in exchange for review from Blogging for Books. The book was written by Mike Glenn. The book was published by WaterBrook Press. The book discussed saying Yes to God's plans for your life, no matter what they may be. We have to live according to God's will, instead of our will. It is not an easy task, but it builds up our heavenly rewards, and not just our earthly rewards. 

The first part of the book discusses how Mike had to deal with infidelity in the church. A church minister had an affair, which devastated the whole church. Mike had to rebuild the church, but was not sure how the church will recover. He blamed God, but God gave him an answer: be yourself and let the church be itself. He learned that while he was helping others fulfill their godly purpose, he never thought about figuring out who he was. What was his godly purpose for his life?
I struggle with that question as well: What is God's purpose for my life? What is my ministry in the church. I have been going to my church for almost a year and still do not have a ministry. I love administration. I love helping folks. I already volunteered for vacation bible school, the carnival, and the halloween fest. I helped register people and provided directions. I think I ran a station at the carnival but that job was not for me. Got bored easily and it was either a two or four hour job. I don't think I am fit for an usher, greeter, or children's ministry. 

Glenn also discussed how some people equate being miserable to Christianity. They can not accept happiness when things are going too good. They live for the bad times because it tests their faith in God more. God is there for the good and the bad. People need to enjoy their lives now. Live their purpose now. You can't live for God, if you are dead (Pastor Mike discussed this in the vision for the church today. Love my pastor). 

God wants to provide guidance and direction for your life. God wants us to use our Godly Gifts. We all have special gifts. No one has every gift, which allows us to work together for the Kingdom, versus trying to do things alone. He wants us to enjoy living for him and fulfilling our purpose. Glenn discusses how living the gospel of yes does not limit us, but frees us to become who God wants us to be. It is ok to say no and let someone, who is better skilled, handle the job. 

Another part of the book, Iiked was Mike discussing how the churches, he grew up in, told him what not to do. No cussing, drinking, and smoking for example. He said we can't define our lives by what we oppose--it causes frustration and bitterness (and a lot of stress. i been there and still going through it). We can't attack the opposition always, but we can move towards the cross and live for God. Move towards life and away from death. Glenn discusses how we need to win people for Christ, instead of forcing them into Christianity. 

Other highlights from the book:
  1. Live life with integrity. Yes means yes and no means no. If you cant do something, don't agree to do it. 
  2. Saying yes to God  gives your life meaning and order. 
  3. Paul discussed how Living for Christ is a yes. Everything else is disposable and a no
  4. Fear and anger temporarily motivate people. Yet God's kingdom is eternal. 

Great quote:  "What makes life increasingly difficult is to know what your are against, without knowing what you are for" Being against something does not mean you are moving towards something positive. The book gave an example of being against divorce, yet you are not for marriage. Being against poverty does not mean you are helping the poor--another great example. I guess Mike is saying how we need to put action into our beliefs. We have to live for something--and that something needs to be God. It's like in a Sponge Bob episode I saw--where the sponge and the star wanted to Live like Larry. They wanted to emulate Larry the Lobster's life. Do what he did. Live in the moment, no matter the cost. We need to do the same for God. We need to live like God. Be like Christ. Live in the moment, fulfilling our purpose, no matter the cost. We need to say YES to God (and then do it. Put action to the words. Be committed, energized, happy, living for God).

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