Friday, October 5, 2012

I need a job

I am completing from the Center for Development at my Church. The course is teaching job related skills such as networking, financial management, health and wellness, and education. Once completed, I will receive a certificate of completion and the church will help me find a job, provided that:

1. I have transportation to get to work-I don't live on the bus line and I don't want to depend on my mother every day.
2. I need day care for two special needs kids. Brad is not pot trained, not fully verbal, and has daily , multiple meltdowns. Kalen does not walk or talk and has fine motor delays.
3. I need a learning coach for Brad's home school to teach him during the day and I can finish up at nite.

The course will be good for my resume but not sure if I can get a job right now.

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