Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bathroom Wall

Bathroom Wall Project.

It started out as a simple assignment from Brad's Home School. Create a stencil and create a pattern on a piece of paper. I took that idea and decided to cover the bathroom wall in a stencil. I just wanted to cover up and old paint stain. I used clothing dye as the background. Mama loves her purple.

The triangle stencil was the one I created. Then I used a circle stencil, I already had to make the circles. Then another inspiration hit, I can use Kalen's foot prints and hand prints on the wall. My initial idea was to do a simple print on paper and then scan it in to make a stencil. cut it out. stamp it on the wall. Kalen did not act right and I decided to add some paint to a box. Rub Kalen's feet in the box and use his feet as the stencil. Then Brad got involved, I added my prints and then I decided to add my great nieces feet and hands.


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