Saturday, October 27, 2012


don't want to explain why i am going without, when i used to never go without
don't want to explain how i went from nymph to ain't getting none
by choice that is
don't want to explain why i never gave you the chance then,
yet, you still not getting none now
i hope you're not waiting on me because you wasn't too much of a thought before
don't want to explain why i gave up free porn and deleted my naked pics and flicks
gave up the chocolate stick for some piece
peace of mind that is
mind was clouded by penis, dick,
always had to have my weekly fix
withdrawal symptoms was a bitch.
couldn't even go two weeks without a hit.
addicktion at it's finest
sex was my highness.
placed upon a pedestal,
won a few gold medals,
but sex was me and I was it.
had to take a indefinite break from dick.
mind was sick, twisted, conflicted
rather have sex than to eat, sleep, breathe
was in too deep,
falling into a shallow grave of meaningless penises
throwing away emotions for orgasms
feeling empty and more emptier inside.
I had to let sex slide
control it, instead of it controlling me.
sex fiend

Copyright. September 5, 2012. Stacie D. Wyatt

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