Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am not like my mother or father, I think

Story lane prompt

I am not like my father or mother, I think. They are strange beings to me and I will never truly understand them.

I can claim my mothers creativity or my father's love of power tools. My mother believes in God and loves to read. My dad also believes in God. I also embrace my daddys cheapness. I hate spending money on stupid stuff all the time (or unneeded stuff). I have my daddys anger issues, in addition to my own.

What I do not want:
1. My mother's passiveness. If someone says something bad about her kids, grand kids, she sits there. does nothing. I will stand up for my kids, if I am right.
2. My fathers need to be in a relationship. He is on his 3 or 4th or 5th wife. I forgot. My mother was number 2. They have 3 kids, 3 grands, and 1 great grand together. Sabrina, his first wife, had one child with him. Then there was Martinas mom (never met her); some woman named Darlene (dont know if he married her) and now Glenda, who I met recently at Church. Still cant pick her out of a line up.
3. My mother's finances. BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET. no big ticket purchases unless you budget. No pay check deductions for stuff, ordered at work, unless you budget.
4. To be married but separated forever. these folks was married for 20 years but separated for most of that. took until 2004 to get a divorce. I was married for 5, but separated for 5. I want a divorce.
5. My mothers need to please the masses. One example, she does not want to be tagged in any photos of the grands or great grands because she dont want ppl to think she old enough to have grands or great grands. Who gives a damn about her 1 or 2 facebook friends, who are not family. Life is too short to not embrace your lineage. Especially, since she is the only one with a biological lineage. My youngest uncle (died in about 07) had no kids. My middle uncle, Phil (gay) no kids. My oldest, middle uncle (has no bio kids, but has step kids). My mother is the only one with kids, grands, and great grands.
6. my daddys former drug. liquor, and jail house addiction.
7. my daddys greasy food. No one needs that much oil and grease to cook with.
8. Finances. Once again, another example.. my mother and father could not manage a joint acct together because neither one told the other what the other took out.
9. My mother need to blame everything broke or in ill repair on Brad. I know he breaks stuff, but at times, she inserts his name in for stuff, he never did, never was around for. Bra--I mean Guy pushed rachel down the steps. Bra- no so and so, stole money from me.
10.Mamas whining. Complaining is one thing. Whining is another. Whining makes me lose more respect. For example, mother agreed to take willie c somewhere. she was running late. instead of calling to say-hey willie, i will be late. can we arrange for another time and date? I heard this--Wilieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as the starting sentence. I was like you got to be kidding me. you dont need to whine to make your point. you are doing him a favor and he is paying you for it. she sounded like Lucy Ricardo begging Ricky to be in the show.
11. Daddys grudges and accusations. When we was married X years ago, you flirted with that man. you cheated on me too. you turned the kids against me. you didnt let my mama be in the show Ricky.

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