Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dating???? Yeah Right

Story lane prompt

I think dating is a waste of my time, though I seek companionship. Someone to talk to. Someone to hang out with. but not someone to be in a relationship with or have sex with. This is me. Stacie, 32, Black woman, with herpes. (that's the easy part). Now the hard part, I am celibate with two special needs kids. and I am in graduate school and homework comes first. The oldest doesn't know a lot of words and not potty trained. He can be sweet at times. My youngest is not walking or talking right now. He is sweet too. But will a man (even platonic) handle a level 5 meltdown over candy, over food, over the computer not working, over the remote? Will he go crazy like I do? Will he hold in his cuss words and try not to explode? Resist the desire to toss Brad into the wall, while praying Brad comes out on the other side sane? Deal with a lot of grown man poopie and pee diapers. Not being able to take a child to certain places because of sensory overload. Or taking the kids on all the dates because my baby does not babysit. Is this the life the man seeks? My life is a lonely one.

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