Saturday, October 27, 2012

My grandma drove a mercedes (and a jag)

My grandma drove a Mercedes and a Jag. She was so into her cars, she bought the 300 dollar official tires, rather than the regular ones from the store. The cars were premium, but they ran like poop. One of those cars drove slow as heck, and not from my grandma driving slow as heck (which she did). The Jag stayed broken down a lot.

In the black neighborhood, I grew up in, people thought we was rich because Mama Areletha had a Merc. We was broke. We was on food stamps, when paper stamps existed. We had the white cans of food, with black lettering. Ham, Cheese, Peanut butter, etc. I ate syrup sandwiches, which was real good. Some days, we had no food to eat. Some days, we had it good and other days, we had it bad. Maybe this is why I am not into name brand anything. I will wear hand me downs, with no issues. I can go months and months without buying new clothes for me or the kiddies. For the kiddies, I always buy bigger anyway, so they can grow into it. I only went to my prom, to eat. Had a free ticket. Had a dress from an old ROTC event. On a side note, sometimes the best part of ROTC events was the food. Mother drove me and I went straight for the buffet. I was hungry.

One day, I went on a field trip to an Astros game with the neighborhood center. The driver, a grown ass-man, asked me for money for him, because I was good for it, since my grandma was perceived rich. almost cussed that fool out, but I was a good girl then. He asked me for 20 bucks. I was a minor and this fool, was asking me for money, based on his perception of my grandma.

The Merc in my poem, Mercedes fantasy, was based on my grandma's cars. Sometimes people perceive others as one way, based on possessions. I had a woman tell me, I thought i was better than her because I had a contract phone, instead of a prepaid. Or my grandma telling me i was better than her because i wanted to do homework for a change, while in college.

I have a high school diploma. I have a college degree. I have kids. I wrote a book. but I have no official job, other than mother, poet, book reviewer, product reviewer, writer, church member, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, confidant, graduate student, and that crazy lady. I have no car. I have special needs kids, with unique problems. My books-sold more free copies than royalties. I am appreciative though of the 17 bucks I got from Lulu. I have problems, some people will never be aware of. Looking at me from the outside, does not show you who I truly am. I may not never drive a Mercedes (I don't have the desire to anyway), but may have a Mercedes lifestyle (which I don't). My personality is worth more than that.

Stacie Dorletha Wyatt, Poetress. Writer, Future PHD person lol.

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