Saturday, October 20, 2012

My baby has seizures excerpt

My baby has seizures-absent or petit mal to be exact. It started weeks ago. He was crawling in the hallway, getting ready to turn the corner into my room, and he fell out. Unresponsive for a few minutes. Doctors found nothing wrong. My baby had a similar incident on Thursday. He woke up and was staring into space for about five minutes. He came to and went back to sleep shortly after. Another incident happened Friday. I was downstairs working on the dryer. Cleaned out a few pounds of lint. Dryer is still dead though. I heard a thump. Ran to find Kalen or Brad. He was out a few minutes. He was out for about 2 minutes. This is hard to take because I had epilepsy and seizures as a teen. Brad had seizures, starting at 4. He has not had one in years. Now, my baby has developed a genetic predisposition. Yay me. I am watching him more carefully now.

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