Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kalen had his first (and hopefully last) seizure this weekend

On Friday, I wrote a book review, called Expecting with Hope, which discussed having a baby after a miscarriage, a loss, or a stillbirth. I discussed how Kalen, aka Midget,  was my miracle baby after two miscarriages.

Kalen has Autism; Global Development Delays; Sensory Processing Disorder; and Static Encephalopathy (Breath Holding Spells--affects heart and brain).

On Saturday, Brad and Kalen was playing. Brad took a toy or something from Kalen. Midget started crying and went into the silent cries. Usually when he silent cries, I quickly grab him and lay him down. His neurologist, Dr. Diana, said this position will bring him back quick after he passes out. I grabbed Kalen, laid him down. He had his spell, came back to, and immediately went into a full blow seizure. NO NO and NO.

I used to have epilepsy. I had seizures. Brad used to have seizures when he was younger. Now, my baby inherited it from me.

Kalen was turning blue; his eyes was rolling back, and he was foaming at the mouth. My phone was buried in my bed since I carpet cleaned earlier. I knew it was dead. I called out for my mother, since she is a nurse. Kalen was non-responsive for minutes. I thought he had died for a second because I could not hear or feel his heart beat. After losing two babies, I was not/am not ready to lose Kalen or Brad.

I was an emotional, sobbing, wreck.

My niece called 911 and we moved Kalen into his bed.

Kalen became responsive for a minute after the 911 operator said to put a cold towel near him to wipe away foam. My niece decided to wipe his face with a real cold cloth. Kalen popped back up quick and laid back down, still unresponsive.

Kalen was eventually moved to a pallet on the floor downstairs, in the front room, with my niece, while I scrambled, with my mind gone, to pack a small bag with Kalen's shoes, pants, a shirt, my phone, charger, diapers, wipes, purse, insurance cards,  kindle, baby blanket, etc.
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The ambulance took us to the hospital. Kalen slept the whole time, until they had to take his blood and run an IV line.

While in the ER, I discovered two new shows on the forgotten channels. Some show with Deion Sanders and his bad kids AND some show with Shanice and Flex and mama daughter drama. Who is Heather Hannah?

Then, the destructor returned. He cried and wanted to be held at first, but then, he wanted to climb the equipment and irritate mama. He also had an MRI. His results came back normal, as usual.

Got discharged. Waited for my mother to come pick us  up. Found out another little girl, who was just discharged had a seizure too.

Hope this was Kalen's first and last seizure.

Have a blessed day

A video posted by Stacie D Wyatt (@sdwyatt1980) on

A video posted by Stacie D Wyatt (@sdwyatt1980) on

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