Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ozeri 360 Degree Tower Fan Product/Video Review (Moderna Housewares)

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. I was not compensated for this review, other than the free fan.

Video is available on Amazon and Youtube

I reviewed Ozeri 360 Oscillation Tower Fan, with Micro-Blade Noise Reduction Technology, in exchange for honest review from Moderna Housewares. The fan was a lifesaver. My room gets too hot. I am done with regular fans with blades. 3 broke ones in the past year. My mini box fan did not do the room justice either, so I gave it to my mama.

The fan comes with multiple functions. You can change the mode (how the air blows); speed; turn angles (0, 60, 90, 120, 360). You also can put the fan in auto mode, which lets the fan adjust the settings as needed. The fan also has a sleep mode, which runs the fan on the slowest speeds.

On the downside, my children can operate  and unplug it. They also un-leveled the base. Thank goodness for the screws and it went back in place.


The fan was easy to install. The box came with the fan and the base. You do have to snap the base together. Make sure you slide the power cord through one side of the base before snapping it into the other half. 

Then, you simply screw in the screws at the bottom of the base. 

Finally, you plug in your fan. 

The Remote

The fan comes with a remote. Comes in handy when you are lying in bed and don't want to get up. The fan also has storage, at the back, for the remote. The fan has all the features of manual operation plus a dimming mode, which turns the display mostly off (the mode will still be visible.)

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