Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ozeri Green Earth Pans 3 pans review (Moderna Housewares)

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Ozeri Green Earth Pans @2014 +Stacie Wyatt/Perfect Chaos

Ozeri Green Earth Pans @2014 +Stacie Wyatt/Perfect Chaos
I reviewed Green Earth Frying Pan 3-Piece Set by Ozeri (8", 10", 12"), with Textured Ceramic Non-Stick Coating from Germany (100% PTFE and PFOA Free), in response to a campaign from Moderna Housewares. I had previously reviewed the 8 inch pan . I loved the 8 inch pan and wanted to review the bigger pans.

The family put the pans to the test. We had 8 in pan for eggs, bacon, and quick items. The bigger pans was used for meat and sauces.

The pans also came with protective covers, which protect the pans from scratches.

The pans performed well. They was easy to clean, even when my sister burnt something in them. They are environmentally friendly. When I ever get my own place, I am grabbing my four pans and taking them with me.

Pans in Protective Covers@2014 +Stacie Wyatt/Perfect Chaos

Ozeri Pans with Covers @2014 +Stacie Wyatt/Perfect Chaos

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