Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BA Star Eye Shadow Palettes Product Review (Brand Backers)

BA Star Natural Eye Palette @2014 +Stacie Wyatt/PerfectChaos

I reviewed BA Star eye shadow palettes, in response to a campaign on Brand Backer. I received the Natural Eye Shadow Palette. The palette came with 5 colors: a gold, a purple, a beige, a copper, and a black. The set also came with the eye shadow/glitter/ base. The glue base is long-lasting and adds depth to eye shadows.

I tried out the shadows in various combinations, but my favorite was the purple and gold combination. I applied purple on the main part of my eye. Then, I applied gold in the corners and as highlights.

Stacie wearing a gold and purple combination@2014 +Stacie Wyatt/PerfectChaos
Stacie wearing purple and gold eye shadow @2014 +Stacie Wyatt/PerfectChaos

Check out this palette and other palettes on the website. The Palettes is 8.75 on the website.

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