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Kobert Waterproof Case Review (Tomoson)

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I received the Kobert Waterproof Case, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. I wanted to review the case, after losing two phones and an iPod to the toilet last year, thanks to Kalen. I called Boost Mobile after the first one fell, ordered a new replacement, despite how much money spent for insurance, over two years. The new phone arrived in the mail and then he dropped the second one in the toilet, less than two weeks later.

I had to buy a waterproof phone (Kyocera Hydro), just in case something happens again. Luckily, Boost Mobile had came out with 2 waterproof phones around the same time, my Innuendos hit the toilet.

Now, I want a new phone, either the Kyocera Hydro Edge or the Kyocera Hydro Icon, both are waterproof. On the other hand, after last year's Bahamas trip, I may want a phone with a hot spot, just in case my wireless internet adapter has a low signal. Those hotspot phones by Boost Mobile are not waterproof.

Maybe, I want to go back to a waterpark next year, without worrying about my phone getting wet.

Kobert has developed a waterproof case to help alleviate these issues. The phone case also comes with a carrying strap and a stylus.

Opening the Case

First things first, you have to learn how to open the case. I struggled with opening the case and had to google other bloggers, who created a video review. The open-close diagram on the tabs, makes it appear to have you slide the tabs open. WRONG. You have to put your fingernail behind each tab and pull the tab up first, and then pushing to the other side.

Once the case is open, place a piece of tissue or similar material inside and let the case submerge for 5 minutes or more to make sure there is no damage to the case. I took the submersion test and had no issues.

Other than opening the tabs, I had no issues with the case.

You can purchase the Kobert WaterProof Case, using the link above.

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