Friday, April 11, 2014

Brad acted up at school again. Yay me.: The joys of special needs parenting.

A few days ago, April 8th, I had a call from Brad’s school. I hate these calls because I don’t know what to expect. A call never means Brad did something good.  The teacher said a student dropped some food in the trashcan during lunch. Brad wanted an apple from the trash and went to dig through the trash can. The aides told Brad to stop and Brad started wailing his arms and falling on the floor. In the process, he hit both of his aides in the face, in front of the assistant principal. The assistant principal had to restrain Brad and then, the staff got Brad back to the classroom.

Once Brad got in the classroom, he was throwing tables and chairs. Then, the phone calls started.  I was feeding the toddlers, when the first two calls came. I heard the phone ring, but could not answer it. After this, the front office calls and asks if I can come pick up brad.

My mother is sound asleep. I caught a ride with Willie C, Brad’s grandfather (my father), to go get Brad. 

When Brad got home, he still was erratic. He wants to scream and holler; throw items; knock over the house computer, etc. He even pushed Kalen, which caused a breath-holding spell. I gave Brad some melatonin but he did not calm down until hours later. 7 milliliters and he stayed woke until 9 or 10 p.m. 

I was trying to clean the game room so the toddlers can play safely. Kalen went to sleep after his spell. I laid Kalen on the couch so I could sweep and vacuum. Brad kept going near Kalen trying to wake him up. I ended up sitting the floor, using the vac hose to clean the floor, with Kalen in my lap.

I also called Brad’s psychiatrist and pediatrician to ask for help. The pediatrician never called back. The psych appointment is at the end of the month. Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County (MHMRA) called same day to see if I wanted to keep Brad on the waiting list. I said yes and also asked for help. MHMRA told me they would refer him to their clinic. If he obtains the referral, I can walk-in or make appointments for any concerns.

April 8th, 2014 was a bad day. School year is almost over and I do not want to think about Brad being put out of school for behavior and aggression problems. When he was attending Thompson, the same thing happened. He had his problems throughout the year, but towards the end, his behavior was getting worse. I kept hearing from the bus drivers how the school wants to put Brad off the bus and out of school. Too much stress for mama to take.

Hopefully, the next two months goes better than normal. I am going to ask the psych to try a different medication other than Rispercrap (Risperidone). Brad is getting older, stronger, and taller. I need his behavior controlled 

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