Thursday, October 31, 2013

What Goes With This Website Review (BrandBacker)

I reviewed What Goes With This website, in exchange for review from Brandbacker. This is a sponsored post.

About What Goes With This?

The website, is a social network, which allows you to post questions, find style inspiration, and make new friends. The site has similarities to Pinterest, where the screen keeps scrolling to show you people's uploads of pictures.

The website has 6 values, which I found in the About Us section.

  1. Style: Everyone's style is unique. You also can change your style anytime. I am a tank and jeans girl, but every now and then, I love a knee-length dress, with shows a little bit of cleavage. The website allows you to upload your style, in addition to taking a peek at another's style. 
  2. Authenticity: WGWT believes every woman is beautiful and we should be authentic to ourselves. The site wants to help you shop and help you build trust, when you interact with others. 
  3. Fun: WGFT believes shopping and style is fun. If something is not fun, you can email the founders to voice your concerns. 
  4. Openness: The participants of the site determines how WGWT operates.
  5. Honesty:  The site promises to be truthful
  6. Health: WGWT wants to help improve women's lives. The site wants to help eradicate anorexia and bulimia; help women lead active lives; help women discover fashion, 

Stacie wearing the purple vegas sequin corset chick

Ask for style recommendations:

You can upload a picture from your personal files or the internet of a clothing item. Maybe you need to know what shoes  and necklace goes with the little black dress. You then enter keywords, price, budget, gender, and information about your picture. Next, you can share your style questions with Facebook or Twitter.

I chose to upload a picture of my corset, I got for review from Corset Chick via Tomoson, a few months ago. I posted a request for people to help me find the perfect pants or skirt to go with the corset.

Recommend a Look

After you upload a pic, people can recommend a look to you. You can also recommend looks to others. You also can buy the outfit if the recommender provided the retailer link.

Watching a Look

If you like a look, you can click on the watch button below the picture. When you watch a look, you will receive notifications when other recommendations are made. I am watching a cute, flowing, purple dress because I have a red dress, which is similar.  You also can follow people and receive their activity feed.


You can ask questions and leave feedback on pages.


The website allows participants to earn points for completing activities. I have earned 6 points before writing this post. I have 16 now. Some of the activities include:
  1. Logging into the website
  2. Inviting a friend to WGWT
  3. Adding a photo
  4. Reading all of the FAQs
  5. Creating a perfect recommendation
You also can lose points if your picture or recommendation was voted down. 

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