Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anomaly by Krista McGee Book Review (Litfuse)

I read Anomaly by Krista McGee, in exchange for honest review from Litfuse. This post contains Amazon affiliate links and images. I received a e-galley from to review.

About the book: (from Litfuse's website)

Thalli has 15 minutes and 23 seconds left to live. A toxic gas is running through her blood stream. 

Decades before Thalli was born, the world ended in a nuclear war, but life continued underground, thank to a group of scientists called The Ten. The Ten genetically engineered people to lack emotion to prevent the war from threatening them again. 

Thalli was the anomaly. She was born with emotions, sprinkled with a dash of curiousity, but her secret was found out. Thalli was scheduled to die. Thalli's friend, Berk, helps get her death delayed and to use Thalli as a study subject. Thalli eventually hears rumors of The Designer, who is more powerful than The Ten. Her Anomaly could help others after all.

About the author: (from Litfuse's website)

Krista McGee lives in Tampa, Florida. She is a mom, wife, teacher, and coffee snob. McGee is the author of Anomaly, First Date, Starring me, and Right where I belong. 

Author WebsiteLitfuse Author Page (download the first 5 chapters for free here)

My review:

The book starts out strong. Thalli has 15 minutes and 23 seconds to live. The visible clock is counting down her life span. The Ten is using gas to complete the deed. 

The book then progresses to Thalli, 9 years old, reminiscing about her friend being taken away because she was also an anomaly. The book is detailed. The world seems like utopia. People was genetically-engineered, in addition to live according to strict routines, such as diet, exercise, and skills learned. The Ten want peace and no emotions among the people. The Ten was the only survivors of the nuclear war, which destroyed the previous world and pushed current inhabitants underground. Utopia did not want any conflicts, even emotional ones, which may cause another war. The scientists appointed monitors, who have enhanced sight and hearing, to watch over the children. 

The book was a good read. Very different from most books I read. 


  1. The book Is not one of my regular reading choices, but it does sound interesting.


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