Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Revolt Fitness Week 8

Last week, Aunt Flo was in town. Even though I ate less, I still gained weight. I hardly exercised last week because of the cramps. Got two days in. Was not a happy woman. I hope I done the calculations right. Im was at 160 on Friday. I was 156.4 this morning. My body fat increased, along with weight last week. I also installed a fitness app on my phone, which tracks body fat percentage, weight, the skin fold measurements, and the body measurements. I think my waist measurement may be off. Im not sure you can gain 4.5 inches in a week. Maybe you can. I am back doing my workouts this week. Taking a few days off is not a good thing, cycle or no cycle. I was in pain doing the warm-up. Body was not as loose.

Revolt Fitness Weight Tracker
Calipers (mm)Measurements (inches)
Weight (lbs)Bicep (back of armTricep (front of arm)SuperIliac (belly)Subscap (back)NeckHipsThighsCalvesChestWaist
Week 11633030403114.754027163738
Week 215714.754022.5153737.5
Week 3155.8144122153736
Week 4156.4144121153735
Week 5151.6144123153632
Week 61532430303414412215.53634.533.43 % body fat
Week 7156.2222822321440.52315373333% body fat
Week 8160202820311441.52215.53636.537.12% body fat

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