Sunday, July 28, 2013

This is my life

I thought of this topic a few days ago. I was having a bad day with Mr.Meltdown and The Destructor. Definitely hard being a special needs parent at times. Toss in being irritated, cranky, and in pain (probably PMS now that I think about it) and I was ready to call it a day (and days).

I have to learn to accept this is my life and all that it encompasses. The meltdowns. The temper tantrums. The therapies. The constant picking up behind kids. The screaming. The hollering. The craziness.

So this is a list of things, which represent my life:

  1. As soon as I clean, sweep, mop, carpet clean, some kid is going to spill something orange, red, or some other bright color on the floor or throw something on the floor, like cheerios, which will require me to clean some more. 
  2. Melatonin has become part of my normal routine.
  3. I will be happy to review any energy drinks, shots, or candies because some days I have zero energy. 
  4. When I really want to sleep, some child is going to be cranky, irritated, sick, which will keep me up until I get them calmed down. 
  5. I will not visit any churches unless they have a nursery and SPED program. 
  6. Any help, when the kids are acting up, (within reason) will be appreciated. 
  7. Going to a store or public outing, will be a challenge (Zoo, Schlitterbahn, San Antonio trips are coming up this year). San Antonio is fun. Megabus is fun. Riding public transportation (2 busses) with Brad is not fun. 
  8. Some days I will not feel like getting up for therapy because I am tired, but I will push through it anyway. 
  9. For a while, I will have to convince Brad to take his stinky butt a bath, using soap, (unless I do it myself) and then teach him how to dry off (unless I do it myself). I will also have a fight when it is time to brush his teeth or cut his hair (taking applications for a special needs barber). 
  10. Kalen is a boob man. He will try to pull them out in the most inconvenient locations. 
  11. Brad will be left with his grandma during Kalen's dr. appointments. 
  12. Brad will somehow kick me while I am sleep. (Brad needs a bed ASAP). 
  13. Kalen will only sleep in his crib when he extremely tired. 
  14. IEP meetings are NO fun. 
  15. Potty training is no fun. 
  16. Some days I will be overprotective of my kids. Dont mess with Mama Bear. I have a violent side. I also cuss. 
  17. Special needs parenting can (and is ) a lonely life. 
  18. I can not take my kids everywhere. This is a fact. Some things I have to turn down, if you ask. I know my limits.
  19. If you want to date me (yeah right, what's a date?), the kids must follow along. My family does not babysit. then, again, that may keep me strong on this celibacy path, or at least keep some fool from asking for sex on a date (that is, when i finally accept one). 
  20. kiddie's father and relatives lives in GA. I live in Texas. 
  21. Some days I lack patience and understanding
  22. God is in control. Some days I don't understand why I was chosen for this role in life. I have to accept this is my life with both special needs kids, which dwell within this realm. Brad, aka Mr. meltdown, my wonderful, autistic, adhd son. Kalen, Mr. Destructor, my developmentally delayed (walking, talking, fine motor) child. 
This is my life. 

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