Thursday, May 16, 2013

The ambush

The ambush

scheduled brad's speech therapies back to back today. Did it different this time. Online first, then in-person. Brad sat still for 20 minutes during Shannon's session, which was good. She also did a straight session--no video breaks to get his attention. Door bell rung. Jose came early. 10 minutes. I went back upstairs to finish with Shannon. Brad started acting up, ran downstairs, straight into session 2. Ambushed lol. He also did about 20 good minutes with Jose as well. He ran around the whole downstairs though. I had not gotten to clean the living room yet. I woke up, straight to the tub, got the kids clean, and set up for online speech.

I knew the den was clean. The living room on the other hand---my daddy needs to stop drinking. 2 brandy bottles plus a bottle of MD 40/40. I got all the bottles out the way before Brad ran into the living room. Picked up a lot of blankets and clothes as well, but other than that, Im glad I cleaned the kitchen and washroom last night. I cleaned the living room, but I guess it did not do me any good. Willie C. needs to hurry up and find him a place to stay or go back to his wife. I can't be doing all this cleaning two or more days a week (depending on the therapy schedule). It is getting to be too much. At first, it was cleaning the den only for Kalen's sessions. Now, I have to clean everything since Brad is getting in-person sessions (If only, I can keep my child in one place). With all these adults here, someone should at least help keep the living room clean (and stop all this drinking. It's not good for anyone, especially if you have a decent job at a hospital.).

Now I need to go fix some lunch for the kids. Kalen's therapist is coming at 12:30 (Physical therapy).

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