Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kim McCosker Reviews

I read Baby Bowl, in exchange for honest review from Edelweiss. The book was written by Kim McCosker and published by Atria Books.

Offers ways to cook and make homemade baby food. I have read the 4 ingredients series from McCosker and love her. Next, I love the food characters towards the beginning of the book. The characters have names, with a list of their benefits. For example, Avocado is a source of protein and Banana is a source of fiber. McCosker also provides a list of kitchen tools and preparation methods needed to make baby food with. The author also discusses storage methods for fridge and freezer, along with use within time frames. She also discusses food allergies, reflux, gerd,  intolerance, and the right time to offer certain foods like nuts and honey. I enjoyed the information more than the recipes. One of the recipes I did like was the Apple Cream--made with Boobie Liquor, rice cereal, and an apple. I have made something similar but I used jarred baby food. The added boobie liquor also keeps people from eating the baby's food out the fridge :-). All of the recipes are easy to make and healthy for the baby. I loved this book.

I also read 4 Ingredients Christmas, in exchange for honest review from Edelweiss. The book was also written by Kim McCosker and Published by Atria Books. First, things first, the graphics were colorful, vibrant, and amazing. The first recipe, which stood out was the first recipe. The Reindeer Dust-simple, 3 ingredients, no cooking required, edible, and a decorative object to sprinkle on the lawn. The rest of the recipes require minimal ingredients and simple to make, like Almond Bread and Bacon and Avocado Bruschetta. The picture of the Bruschetta was simply divine. I also enjoyed the ham quiches, with the ham as the cup. You simply cook the quiches in muffin tins, but first lining each cup with a slice of ham. The brie and nut mixture was interesting enough to try. The cheese board requires no cooking, just preparation.  I wonder if that would work with bacon. Ooohh the watermelon and feta bites. :-) I love simple cooking. I am a big fan of McCosker's simple cooking style.

Finally, I read 4 Ingredients. One Pot, One bowl, in exchange for review from Edelweiss. The book was also published by McCosker and published by Atria Books. Once again, McCosker brings her simple cooking style into another cookbook. The recipes range from homemade lemon butter (never thought about lemon butter being this easy) to little cheddar pies. The book has quiches, sammies, bread bowls, and sloppy joes. Loved this book.

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