Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I don't like being needed (all the darn time)

The title explains it all: I do not like being needed all the darn time. It's one thing for the kids to need me. They need food, shelter, a diaper change, something to drink. They need to be bathed and dressed and nurtured and loved. It's another thing, when its other humans. I know no man is an island and people need each other, just not from the same person all the darn time. I don't mind helping aliens, humans, and other annoyances. I don't mind editing the occasional paper or watching the bad brat, from time to time.  Fulfill your needs from multiple parties, not just me. I am only one human, with two kids, graduate school, blogger, and book reviewer. I am part cook, part maid, part insane.

My mother and cousin is notorious for doing this, but my cousin is worse. Stacie, Can I have ____. Stacie can I borrow______________. Every time I turn around, someone is asking for something. I do have to wonder a few facets though:

  1. If you are always asking for stuff, do you ever plan on buying your own or continue to use up my (and kids) stuff? It is easy to buy your own stuff versus always asking from others, especially the basics (soap, toilet tissue, washing powder, baby supplies). I understand if you need something for an emergency, but not every day. 
  2. If you are always asking for help, did you try to fix it on your own first? did you consult a manual? did you ask other people? Call tech support? Do you really need help OR are you asking me to do it for you?
  3. Do you seriously like annoying me? Because I am not a people person. I am an anti-social human being. I hate being bothered all darn day (especially when Aunt Flo in town and she is getting on my nerves right now). 
Today, I got asked to keep my great-niece, while I was setting up for speech therapy for Brad. I got asked for the baby tub. I got asked to help hook up the vacuum. I even got asked for mouthwash and underwear. 

From a Christian standpoint, I do not have a servant spirit or gift. I am administration. I do have anger management issues, patience issues, and not a people person (Yes I know I repeated myself, but I have an A-type Personality, with anti-social tendencies). 

Yesterday, my cousin asked me for the baby tub to wash my great niece. I was washing Kalen at the time because he had an appointment with the orthopedist. Told her, leave the baby on my bed, I will clean her, and bring her downstairs, since I have to come downstairs anyway. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, this heifer-like person, decided to sit on my bed, watch me bathe the babies, and offer comments. It's 8 am in the morning. I have a 930 home appointment. Go away. but I hear:  I want to sit and talk to you.  Are they going to use the same water or are you going to change it out? Are you going to dry him off before putting her in the water? Are you using too much soap? Kalen has good hair. Blah blah blah Wah Wah Wah. 

I do like being needed, but not all the darn time. 

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