Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Compassionate-Mind guide to overcoming anxiiety

I read the Compassionate-Mind guide to overcoming anxiety, in exchange for honest review from Bethany House Reviewers Program. . The book was written by Dennis Tirch. The book was published by New Harbinger Publications.

I chose this book because I have anxiety issues. The book talked about how people are calmed by warmth, compassion, and connection with others. The book also discusses healthy ways to deal with aggression.

Anxiety also affects people physically (the body) via tingling, shallow breathing, tightening of the stomach, and panic attacks.

I also liked how the book discussed the types of anxiety. Panic Attacks can cause an increase in heart rate and hyperventilation. Generalized anxiety affects attitude (negativity). People may not feel safe or content. Anxiety also has basis in culture and experiences, which affect thoughts and actions. Next, people can experience social anxiety, which causes worry about what others think. People may fear rejection or alienation. Finally, people have specific phobias, such as spiders, heights, or snakes.

I have had panic attacks before, along with social phobia, generalized anxiety, and specific phobias. The book was a good read.

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