Monday, October 16, 2017

#FitMotion Finger Exercisers review (Tomoson)

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I received Fit Motion Finger Exercisers, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The exercisers comes in a set of three, ranging from light (pink), medium (green), and heavy (purple) strength. The light is for beginners and injured hands. The medium is for daily strenghtening. The heavy is for muscle toning.

I wanted the exercisers for anxiety because my kids drive me nuts. Last week was a bad week in special needs land. I had four strikes against me before the week ended. Brad had some behavior problems in church. I came down with a bad cold. My babysitter/niece completely pulled out on me, when I needed her. Finally, Aunt Flo showed up two weeks after her last visit. I was/am still stressed and sick.

I had issues at first with them, until I realized I was using them wrong. The thumb hole is the biggest hole. Then I put the exercisers on the other fingers, which made the exerciser a lot easier to manage/use. I had it for a few days and I am loving the massagers. The material is made from a type of rubber.

You can purchase the exercisers using the link above. The exercisers are prime-eligible.

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