Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ancord Works FM Radio, Clock, Bluetooth Speaker Review (Tomoson)

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I received Ancord Works FM Radio, Clock, and Bluetooth Speaker, in exchange for honest review. The device is part alarm clock (24 hours time. Can not change to 12 hours); Clock; FM Radio, and Bluetooth speaker. The speaker also comes with a micro sd card slot.

The package comes with the device, charging cord, and an aux cord. The speaker is portable and waterproof.

I wanted the device because of the clock, alarm clock, and speaker. I can always use an external clock, separate from phone and kindle. If a device is dead or I forget to turn the ringers on (which has happened), I still am able to wake up and put kids on the bus or run errands on time. For example, this morning, the Ancord works clock and phone alarmed, but kindle did not. Turns out, a kid messed with the do not disturb section and my kindle alarm stayed silent.

First, the clock. The clock is part clock and part alarm clock. The one thing, I found tricky was the settings for the clock and alarm clock. The settings for the clock uses a button at the back of the device and the top buttons, while the alarm settings uses the top buttons only. You have to move quick to set the alarm before it reverts back to clock mode. The alarm works great. The sound is annoying enough to wake up and quickly turn it off. I am not sure if it has a snooze button or not. The clock is on display, even when the bluetooth/radio is turned off. When plugged in and charging, the clock is lit up. When the device is not plugged in, the clock is blacked out.

Second, the device is part bluetooth speaker. The device paired well with my phone and kindle. The sound came in crisp and clear. I have no issues with the bluetooth function. Once you turn it on, it pairs with usually the kindle. When you hit the power button, it makes a noise to let you know the power is on.

Next, the device is part FM radio. I did use the instructions to program the radio but I havent used the feature much. I am not a big radio listener. A few channels did not come in.

You can purchase Ancord Works radio, clock, and speaker using the link above. The radio is prime-eligible.

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