Saturday, August 15, 2015

I tried until I almost died book review (Blogging for Books)

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I read I Tried Until I Almost Died: From Anxiety and Frustration to Rest and Relaxation, in exchange for honest review. The book was written by Sandra McCollum, the daughter of Dave and Joyce Meyer.  I wanted to review this book because my life is filled with anxiety and frustration. Some days, I feel like I am going to have a panic attack, especially when too much is going on. I have to clean, Brad is having his issues, and Kalen wants to climb over me. Toss in the tv blasting and noise from other relatives, and you have the fuse for a full blown burn out from me.

I definitely need some rest and relaxation. Waiting for the kids to go to sleep for rest isn't always good because sometimes you get a groove cleaning or writing, and 15 minutes later, a kid wakes up. yay me.

Less than 2 weeks ago, Kalen had heart surgery, while his brother is finding new ways to commit me into a crazy house.

The book talks about expectations. We have expectations we put upon ourselves, not to mention the ones from others. All these expectations can become overwhelming. For me, I am trying to organize my room, with two kids in tow. I clean better when they are sleep or at school. When I can't get the few things, I want to get done each day, I get frustrated and pissed off at myself. Some days, I give up and play a game on Facebook or Big Fish because working around the kids is too stressful.

You fold clothes, they throw clothes. You vacuum the floor and then they throw a pack of crackers on it. You clean the bathroom and not realize one of them is making a puddle on the floor from playing in the tub. You try to do a video review and have to take a few takes because you have a naked baby show up in a few frames.

This life, I have right now, is not what I had envisioned for anything. I have a goals in mind, but right now is not the right time to do any of them. Just like the author, at times, I hate this life because things are not going according to my plan.

The author said when we are too busy, we can not hear from God. We need to live under grace. We will never be perfect. Our lives will never be perfect.

You can purchase the book using the link above. The book comes in kindle and paperback format. The book is prime-eligible

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