Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Grill Junkie Burger Cookbook Review (Tomoson)

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I read The Grill Junkie Burger a Day Cookbook: What Fires You Up?, in exchange for honest review. The book contains 365 recipes. A burger for each day of the year with one repeating during leap year. The book was written by Arnie Tomaino.

The book starts out with tips for grilling burgers, such as tools and proper temperatures. Then, the author goes into the recipes. The burgers are organized by meat, such as beef, bison, seafood, lamb, pork, and chicken. My family loves to grill every now and then. I prefer chicken, while the others want beef or pork. I also never thought about a seafood burger, other than fish. The book provided great ideas for the chicken and seafood. The book also provides veggie burger recipes and a section on sides, fries, and sauces.

I liked the salmon burgers, including the one with honey, but without the horseradish. I also liked the tuna steak burgers with a green tomato salsa. I also liked the lobster burger with avocado mayo.

For the chicken, I liked the chicken taco avocado burger. You season the chicken with a taco seasoning. And I love avocado. Next, I liked the chili'ed cheese chicken burger. The recipe uses chili sauce and ground chicken. You mix all the ingredients together and form patties, similar to a hamburger. This is a good recipe because I never really worked with ground chicken. I usually buy chicken breasts or tenders.

You can purchase the book on Amazon, using the link above. The book is available in Kindle format only.

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