Friday, April 17, 2015

Purple Safety Magnetic Child Locks Review (Tomoson)

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I received Purple Safety Magnetic Baby Safety Lock , in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The magnetic locks are no drill, which is good for me. I wanted child locks in the bathroom cabinets. The cabinets hold my carpet cleaner attachments and accessories, broom heads, and mop bucket.

The kit comes with a magnetic lock, 4 heads, and 4 locks. The instructions are also included. You also need a way to mark where the lock meets the cabinet door. The marks also help you with alignment, if you mess up and have to readjust the locks. You have to place the lock in place first, with the gap facing the cabinet door. Then you try to align up the head with the lock.

I had issues aligning the lock and head up perfectly, which is why I starting marking each location so I know where to move the head next. I moved it so many times, the head started falling off. I ended up taping the head down, once perfect. I had no issues since installing the locks, except my daddy.

The other day, he came over here to fix some issues around the house. He fixed nothing, except something, which was stuck in the sink. I went to go get the lock and before I made it back to the bathroom (next to my room), he opened up both cabinets and pulled off the child locks with it. Luckily, they are easy to reinstall since the marks are still there. Just have to find the tape.

When the locks was installed, you simply got the key and placed over the cabinet door to open. This is also where the marks come in handy. The marks tell you where the child lock is so you don't be trying to move the magnet all over the cabinet door, looking for the child lock.

The child lock also comes with a on/off switch. Flip it on and the cabinets, lock. Turn it off, and the lock is temporarily disabled.

I keep the key in my closet, also protected by a child lock. Each piece of the child lock comes with an adhesive backing.

You can purchase Purple Safety Magnetic Locks on Amazon, using the link above. The locks are prime-eligible.

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