Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ozeri Pedometer Review (Moderna Housewares)

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links and Images

I received the Ozeri 4x3razor Pocket 3D Pedometer and Activity Tracker with Bosch Tri-Axis Technology from Germany, Blue, in exchange for honest review from Moderna Housewares. I received this product in exchange for honest review. The pedometer also comes with a replacement battery, screw driver, and lanyard. The device does track steps. I had an issue within the first few days, where the battery went dead. It came back to life within a few days as well, Then , I remembered the replacement battery. Other than that, the device works as expected

The pedometer tracks steps, distance, calories, fat burned, and time exercised. It also can track up to a million steps with 7 day memory. The pedometer also comes with a built in clock, sports timer, and auto sleep technology.

You can purchase the pedometer on Amazon using the link above. The pedometer is prime-eligible.

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