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Icy Deals Think Tank The Stove Top (Indoor Grill) Review - The Coolest Deals on Web
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Healthy Cooking Nonstick BBQ Indoor Stove Top Grill - Stovetop

I received the Healthy Cooking Nonstick BBQ Indoor Stove Top Grill - Stovetop - $14.99
from: IcyDeals  in exchange for honest review from Icy Deals.  I wanted to review the grill because I wanted a bigger indoor grill versus something smaller like the George Foreman or the Waffle maker (hey you can make good things on here, other than waffles lol).

The grill came with two pieces: the drip pan and the grill top. The grill top requires water in the bottom to help steam the food.

Prepping for dinner. Tomatoes, black beans, a cup of water, and the indoor grill
The stove top grill

With the grill, I made chicken. I also made rice, garlic bread, and beans and tomatoes as sides. I used the grill to cook the garlic bread as well.

Using the Grill

First, you need to place the drip pan on the stove and pour about 1/4 inch of water in the pan. Then, add the grill top. Pre-heat the grill. For me, I turned on the stove first, then added the drip pan, water, and placed the grill top. It was hard placing the grill top on a open flame. 

I also recommend using pam on the grill top. My chicken cooked well, but it was hard cleaning the pan. 

Grilled chicken

Grilled Chicken, Garlic Bread, Red beans and Tomatoes, Rice, Salad

The clean-up

After I finished cooking the chicken, I cleaned the grill. The drip pan was easy to clean, but the grill top took some scouring pads. I washed, dried, and put up the grill. The next morning, the grill top had rust spots on the front and back side. The blogger community gave me some great advice on how to remove the rust. 

Back of Stove Top Grill 24 hours later after washing and drying

Front of Stove top grill, 24 hours later after washing and drying


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