Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No ESY this week for Brad (And I am not happy about it).

Brad is in extended school year (ESY) for the summer. Because he is special needs, Brad will attend until August 7th, 2014, then school starts back on the 26th or 27th. The family has a Carnival Cruise planned for a few days before school starts back. This should be interesting because I never cruised with children before, let alone sisters, and my nephew. I have done dinner cruises, casino cruises, and big cruises with Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

For the next cruise,  I am contemplating Royal Caribbean again since they won an award for Autism-friendliest. I am also contemplating Norwegian since they depart from Houston, in addition to being a Nick Cruise.

I had no idea he was approved for ESY until the bus driver called the night before with pick up and drop off information. I missed the last ARD/IEP meeting of the year because Kalen had a doctor appointment. Next time, I am checking the reschedule box. His final ARD/IEP arrived a few days before finding out he was approved.

The IEP said ESY was suggested but not approved. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to ship him off for 4 hours a day, 4 days per week, but I don't like surprises.

Brad was very happy to get on the bus. He has had no problems since. Especially with three new medications added to his regimen because of his behavior at his regular school. Brad is still having issues at home, but not at school (and I hope it stays that way). I have been getting good notes home from his teacher.

ESY started a week or two after school ended. Now they are getting a week-long break. which irritates me. I need my 4 hour break. I need a break from Kalen too. I was hoping his school would call as well with approval. Brad needs stability and there is nothing more stable than a special needs classroom. (at least I think lol).

I have no idea what to do with him at all. No Car. No Bus Line. I still have school work to complete. Kalen has a WIC appointment. He has had a lot of meltdowns since Thursday. He had a doctor's appoint the other week. The doctor added tegretol permanently. He had prescribed my favorite, carbemazepine after Brad's last blowout at school.

Brad was allegedly humping the tables and chairs. He also hit teachers, staff, and students. Dr. G also added Hydroxysomething to help Brad sleep since Clonidine doesn't always work. 5 medications and the boy still acts out. Part Autism. Part ADHD. Part Puberty. Part Teenager.  Yay me.

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