Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Never Agitate the Monkeys or an Autistic Child

You know how when you go to zoo, the signs say don't feed the animals. Don't agitate the animals. Or face their wrath.

That's how I feel when it comes to Brad. Don't agitate him because I am left to clean up what mess someone else has caused. The family was all sitting downstairs watching Wife Swap. I went downstairs for a change of pace. Was editing footage for another post and needed to move away from the desk. My bed is filled with things I need to put away since I vacuumed the floor earlier.

Somehow, someway, my niece decided to chase Brad upstairs, which agitated him. No good for me. It was time for his medicine. He was throwing things. He jumped off his sofa part of his bed so hard, the TV cable cut off. He tried to throw my exercise ball. I had to hold him down and told my niece to get his medicine, especially the thorazine, which supposed to calm him down quickly (which it does not). She brought me three of the five medications. I sent her back for the other two. She could not find them. So, we had to switch positions. She held Brad while I went and got the Rispercrap and Clonidine.

Of course, the great-niece wants to get in the way. She got caught in one of Brad's kicks. She is ok. I got hit in the face with a block. Brad tried to bite him self.

I gave Brad his medication, while he is kicking and screaming. Still agitated. I told the niece to run him a bath. Grabbed his Dove Men's and the Lavender Soap. Got him in the tub. washed him down. He wanted out the tub. Dried him off. He put on his Depends. I pulled out his mattress. Gave him his blanket and the TV remote.

He is sleep now but all of this could have been avoided if the 16 year old left the 13 year old alone. The same person, who agitated him, had to help me calm him down. Brad's meltdowns feel like they take forever. Well that was my vent. Have a blessed day.

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