Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yesterday and today, I sent my children off to school in the rain.

Yesterday, well for the past two days, it has been raining in Houston, Texas. We have been under Flood Watch/Warning for two days as well.

Yesterday, I got up at 6 something, later than normal because Kalen (aka Midget) kicked my phone on the floor. I got him into the bath and dressed quickly, and we headed downstairs to catch the bus. Kalen's bus comes at 7:19 a.m.

Since Kalen is 3, I have to walk him to the bus and pass him on to the bus aide. The bus driver, asked me about why I didn't call my child out of school, like the other parents did?

Because my children do not have a choice in their education. They will get up for school, by me. Take a bath, with assistance, and get on the bus even if I have to drag them to the end of the drive way.

That is how is was when I grew up. I loved going to school. I loved graduating high school. I loved my cap and gown. If you didn't go to school or church, you couldn't go anywhere else. I didn't go anywhere but still just in case, I went to school.

I got myself up. Dressed myself. Woke my mother up so she can get the other two sisters up. Walked to the bus stop. Went to school. Repeated for four years. On the rare occasion, I would walk the hour to school. Took the bus the same distance. The school was 5 minutes by car, so sometimes we got a ride.

If my brats are not sick or do not have a doctor's appointment, they will be at school. A little rain, a thunder storm, or a flood warning isn't going to stop them. The bus comes to their driveway, a bell man helps them with their bags and seats, and the chauffeur drives them off either 5 minutes away for Brad and 15 minutes away for Kalen, all for a free public education. :-). They both get breakfast, with Brad getting lunch, since Kalen goes half a day. I get three hours free each day (in my head of course) because my great-niece and mother still bugs me. I still have to clean and exercise, and eat, I think.

My niece, on the other hand, goes to school when she wants to. She gets her self up for school around 6 a.m. If she goes to school, she leaves the house before I have to wake Kalen and Brad up. If I get up and she still here, she chose not to go to school or hoping someone would give her a ride over 20 minutes away, unless there is traffic. No accountability. Her mother does not wake up early to make sure she goes to school. Her aunt is not getting up an hour early either. Dealing with special needs kids is hard work. Her education. Her pending graduation.

Yesterday, after getting Kalen on the bus, I got Brad bathed and dressed. Got him downstairs. Bus arrived. Looked to the left, looked to the right, my teenager took his backpack back upstairs. Ran back upstairs quickly, got his backpack, dragged him to the bus, and off he went, in the rain.

This morning, there was no rain until two minutes before Kalen's bus arrived. The rain poured down hard. I quickly ran upstairs to get my umbrella and carried Midget to the bus. By the time, Brad's bus arrived, the rain stopped.

Today, I slept for 2 hours, where I had a wonderful dream, I forgot to get Kalen off the bus. .Woke up quick, tossed on a dress, and ran downstairs 10 minutes before Midget's bus arrived at 11:30.

So to conclude, On Rain, On snow, On Sleet, on Hail, if the bus is a-running, to school, my kids are a-going. LOL

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